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New Year At The Homestead At Hickory View

Who says that as we get older, we should stop having fun? Every age has its own beauty, and since growing old is inevitable, we might as well enjoy it! When I went to the New Year’s celebration at Homestead at Hickory View, all I saw was happy faces of elderly people who felt at home.

Some of the residents at the Homestead, enjoying the performance of the Starlite Singers from St. Louis.

The Homestead at Hickory View Retirement Community is located just minutes from the downtown, making it convenient for the residents to go shopping and run errands. The cheerful and friendly staff make you feel at home, and the entertainment director makes sure there is always something fun to do.

The Starlite Singers were a hit at the New Year's Celebration. All of the events hosted at the Homestead are open to the public.

Every month the residents get a calendar full of activities they can choose from. From bingo and trivia games, to movies and musical performances, life at the Homestead is never boring. The residents enjoy three fine dining meals every day, with at least 15 different delicious items. If they prefer to eat out, the staff plans lunch trips to restaurants in the area.

Champagne or sparkling grape juice? Barb Hellmann, the Marketing Director of the Homestead, makes sure that everybody's wishes and desires are met.

The staff organizes different trips every month, so nobody feels trapped at the Big House, as they call the main building at the Homestead. In January, the residents will be having lunch at the Ameristar Casino, and towards the end of the month they will be taking a trip to the Butterfly House combined with a meal at Red Lobster.

Getting your hair or nails done is not a problem at the Homestead. The residents get pampered for special events and occasions, or just because 🙂


The Homestead at Hickory View also offers independent living arrangements, for those who prefer to live on their own, but would still like to have somebody around to rely on.

More New Year's fun at the Homestead.

Last, nut not least, January is proclaimed to be “The Magic Month” at the Homestead. Here is a quote from their monthly newsletter:

“When we think of magic, what often comes to mind are things like Harry Potter or magic tricks. However, magic is so much more – it is the ability to experience something as enchanting, mysterious, and charming. It is also the ability to create miracles in everyday life by sharing a magical moment, a magical touch, a magical meal, or a magical night. Life is filled with extraordinary happenings and exciting opportunities, yet sometimes we wait for magic to happen to us, rather than finding it in our daily activities and ourselves. This month, look for the magic all around you. Seek it out, create it, explore it, and enjoy a more magical, fulfilling life.”

The Homestead at Hickory View is located on 1481 Marbach Dr., Washington, MO. You can reach them at 636.239.1941 or www.homesteadseniorliving.com.



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