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Art Focus: A Meeting With The Mid-Missouri Fine Arts Society and John Dyess

When I started getting more involved with photography, a friend of mine told me to join the Mid-Missouri Fine Arts Society (MMFAS). I entered some pieces in one of their exhibits at the Train Depot Gallery, and I got to know some of the members. They seemed to be a nice crowd, so I joined. Now I have a lot of wonderful friends, and the shared love for the arts keeps us together.

The Mid-Missouri Fine Arts Society (MMFAS) began in 1974 to promote and contribute to to the interest in fine arts. Everybody can join the club, members are active artists and art enthusiasts. The meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at the Scenic Regional Library in Union, MO from 7 to 9 pm. We discuss current affairs, possible venues for future exhibitions, and we usually have a visiting artist who talks about their work or does a demonstration. And since pictures speak louder than words, here are some photos from our first 2012 meeting.

Marty Coulter, the new MMFAS President, had New Year's presents for everybody: awesome bumper stickers!

When we were done discussing the current affairs, it was time for a cookie break 🙂

Then our guest speaker, John Dyess, took over the meeting and told us about his life and work. John is a graduate of Washington University of Fine Arts in St. Louis. He is a painter, illustrator, photographer and teacher, creating art and illustrations for many years.

Admiring one of John's earlier works. His style is primarily realistic and shows wonderful craftsmanship.

Still Life by John Dyess. It almost looks like a photograph...

The creative process. There is a lot more to a painting than you think. The prep work involves hiring models, posing them for photos, looking for the right kind of background. John said that everybody loves the way he draws fish, and he has done a lot of work for various outdoors magazines.

John and one of his more recent collages. He combines the traditional painting and drawing skills with digital techniques in some of his finished pieces (you may read more about John on his website studiodyess.com)

The next MMFAS show is “Still Life: Food For Thought” from January 21 until March 17 at the Train Depot Gallery on 301 West Front Street. The show will not be judged and it is for members only. If you want to become a member, simply click here  and fill in the form. Visit the MMFAS Facebook page or website for more information. Support your local artists, because life without art is like the Earth without the Sun!

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  1. Thank you for showing us John Dyess.

    Posted by weisserwatercolours | January 12, 2012, 9:56 pm

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