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A Modern-Day Cinderella Story Starring Trashy Roots Salon: Gussie Schmitz’s Hair Makeover

Two weeks ago, I did a giveaway on Re-Discover Washington’s Facebook page. People had to guess in what year was the beautiful historic building on Second and Jefferson Streets built. The lucky winner, Gussie Schmitz, won a hair makeover from Trashy Roots Salon. We met up yesterday and this is how the story goes…

Once upon a time, three years ago, in a beautiful old German town on the Missouri river, Trashy Roots Salon was born.

The princess of the castle, the lovely Alisha Koelling, has been doing hair for 14 years. Prior to owning Trashy Roots, she had a salon in Sullivan, but after having children Alisha decided to move closer to home.

A friend of hers, the owner of the building that houses Trashy Roots Salon, showed her the space and she fell in love with it! It was all Alisha has been dreaming of, so she wasted no time and moved in within a month. Located in the heart of downtown Washington, the salon boasts with antique feel and cosy atmosphere.

A damsel in distress, Gussie Schmitz was in need of a hair makeover. This mom of two girls, who never does anything for herself “because diapers and “kid stuff” comes first”, was the lucky winner of the giveaway sponsored by Trashy Roots Salon on the Facebook page of Re-Discover Washington.

The task at hand was to give Gussie a new look, and she came prepared. There wasn’t enough time to completely color her hair, but the new cut was definitely a go.

As the story goes, there was a good fairy, this time in the face of the wonderful stylist Jessica. She consulted Gussie about the length of the cut, making sure her Cinderella would be happy with the result.

It’s all about finding the right shade. Gussie opted for some highlights that would naturally complement the color of her beautiful brown hair, and not stand out too much.

It was all in the hands of Jessica, and while Gussie and I were chatting, the good fairy applied the hair color with precision and expertise.

It’s a modern-day Cinderella story, remember… 🙂 Some technology is needed to make the color stay.

After the color was successfully set in place, Gussie was pampered with some shampoo and conditioner.Trashy Roots Salon attracts men and women alike. Because they are downtown and because they are good!

The good fairy was ready to do the cut that would give our Cinderella a whole new look.

There was no turning back… Gussie lost some inches of hair, but gained some confidence back.

Jessica was happy with the result, and so was Gussie. It’s amazing what a haircut can do for you! All the stylists at Trashy Roots Salon attend classes and shows,  and stay updated on current hair trends. As our Cinderella can tell you, they will take good and personalized care of you.

Some finishing touches to reach the perfection desired…

The cut was shaping up nicely, and Gussie and I found that we share a love for healthy eating and educating people about food. And, of course, we both loved the downtown businesses!

Voila!! Gussie’s hair makeover was complete, thanks to the wonderful stylist Jessica and the lovely owner of Trashy Roots Salon, Alisha.

A glamour shot of our beautiful Cinderella, on her way out of Trashy Roots Salon. At the end of the day I made two new friends, Trashy Roots Salon got a new client, and Gussie “GREATLY appreciated this prize!” There are so many more wonderful people and places in Washington than we think…

This modern-day Cinderella story would have not been possible without the help of Trashy Roots Salon. Located on 1 West Second Street, the salon is open from Tuesday until Friday from 9 a.m to 8 p.m, Saturday from 9 a.m until 7 p.m. Find them on Facebook, call 636.239.3600, or visit their website for more information.

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I am a twenty-something Bulgarian girl in the USA, re-discovering the world through the lens.


6 Responses to “A Modern-Day Cinderella Story Starring Trashy Roots Salon: Gussie Schmitz’s Hair Makeover”

  1. Another job well, well done Slava!!!!

    Posted by Sandi McDonald | February 2, 2012, 8:18 pm
  2. Slava thank you and Wow you did an amazing job

    Posted by Alisha Koelling | February 2, 2012, 8:34 pm


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