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Leave Your Computer Worries Behind: Net Engineers Brings Piece Of Mind

Computers: we love them, we hate them, we can’t live without them, and at the same time we feel like throwing them across the room every once in a while. However, there is no need for drastic measures like that as long as Net Engineers, Inc. are around! Located on 313B Elm Street, they service the needs of the individual PC user to the corporate and small business. If you have an issue with your computer, they can repair it in no time, and they also go the extra mile and do the optimization for free.

Conveniently located in downtown Washington, Net Engineers are here to service your computer-related needs.

Net Engineers, Inc. first started their business in Sullivan, MO. They had their eye East, and when the computer store in Washington closed, they decided was time to make the move. In the beginning, they were located in one of the shopping plazas, but when the downtown spot became available, they didn’t think twice. Paul Schierhoff, the owner of the store, says that the downtown area has some intricate appeal about it. Located right across the street from two beautiful historic homes, I can only agree with him 🙂

Paul, the owner of the store, says that computers are a lot like cars. Nobody is expected to know all the parts and how they work, and there is no need to apologize if you don't know how to fix something. That's why Net. Engineers are there for you.

So how would you exactly go about if your computer needs some “medical attention”? You can call the “clinic”, a.k.a. Net Engineers, and make an appointment to bring your computer in. Or, if it is an emergency, you can rush straight there. Or, they can even come to you. No need to drag your monitor along, they have all the necessary set up to accommodate your “sickly” machine. Just put the computer up on the counter, and Paul and his crew will let you show them exactly what the symptoms are. If an operation is required, they will take the “patient” in the back and they will heal your machine as quick as possible.

This is where the computers get repaired. The working space is designed in such a way, that the process is fast and efficient.

Net Engineers does more than repair what the customer asks for. They have a whole list of things they do to each computer to optimize its performance and make sure it is up to date. Anything from virus removal, updates, tune ups to physical cleaning. The best thing is that they do not charge extra for this service, they just do it for you for free, to make sure your computer will perform at its best once you take it back home. The customers are happier, and the Net Engineers “doctors” are satisfied from a job well done.

Zach is the technical specialist that will get all of your computer questions answered. I am always amazed that something that seems impossible for me, gets resolved with two mouse clicks by somebody who knows what they are doing.

Net Engineers does not only repair and work on computer issues, they also sell new systems. They can set up a company’s servers, backup and network. Paul and his guys have a very fast response time to the customer needs, since we all know how heavily we depend on our computers these days. They can also set up a 24/7 monitoring on a business network, to make sure backups are working correctly, to perform maintenance, and to be alerted to any issues that come up even before the customer finds out.

It's always nice to know that you don't have to deal with this... 🙂

Did I mention that Net Engineers can also design a website for you or your business? Actually, this is how they started out the company 16 years ago. They have some great examples in their portfolio of well-structured and easy to navigate websites they have build for local clients. The computer repair was a feature they added due to a popular demand for it, which now has become a huge part of their business. Net Engineers are willing to work with you, and find the best solution for your technology needs. You will never feel pressured into buying something you don’t need or understand, and they will translate the IT terms into phrases that make sense to you. You are not supposed to know how to fix your computer or how to set up a network. Net Engineers is here to do the work for you.

Cy, hiding behind two huge monitors, is working designing websites that stand out of the Internet crowd.

Net Engineers is located on 313B Elm Street, Washington, MO. You can reach them at 636.239.2234 or visit their website here. If I were you, I would like them on Facebook, too!

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  1. These guys are GREAT!! Always courteous, friendly, ready and willing to truly help. They have helped me out of a jam numerous times. Plus, I never, ever feel as though I am being ripped off or taken advantage of. They truly seem to care and wish to give you great service for the least charge possible. Can not reccommend them highly enough!
    Thanks guys for being there.
    Beverly Ann, Director

    Posted by beverlyannartist | February 7, 2012, 10:00 pm

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