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Philly’s Pizza: Because That’s What Pizza Is Supposed To Be

Coming from Europe, American Pizza was a shock for me. Very different, and not as good. I kept trying different pizzas from places our friends loved, and nothing tasted quite right. It’s all about what you are used to, no offense meant. When I stumbled upon Philly’s Pizza on Facebook, and I saw the wonderful reviews they had, I thought I would give it a try. I had my hopes up, and Philly’s didn’t let me down. Their crust tastes so good, which, as we know, makes or breaks the pizza. When I learned that they try to use local products, I loved them even better. And the fact that they just opened a Krakow location made them even more desirable candidate for the blog! So here it is, all that you want and need to know about Philly’s Pizza!

It all began across the river, in Marthasville. The owner, Denis Phillips, has been developing the concept for the last 10 years or more. Philly’s Pizza is a place were friends can sit down, enjoy their time, watch a game, and devour the area’s best pizza. They have a wonderful outdoor patio, too!

The Marthasville location can comfortably seat over 100 people, and it has flat screen televisions, too!

You can tell how much people love Philly's from the writings on the walls.

The reason why? Philly's Pizza offers a tremendously great value, for a high quality pizza. As Denis put it, "Many people boast about quality, but few can say they know where the hogs or cattle that they use on their food come from, few can tell you that the make their own dough, few will even know how to make pizza dough."

Philly’s pizza is proud of their home-grown emphasis on their product. The meats they use come from Williams Brothers, The dough is mixed several times a week at Vitale’s Bakery “on the Hill”, the cheese is a blend that is created especially for Philly’s Pizza. They offer Pepsi products that they receive from the New Haven plant. They have made every attempt possible to keep the money local, and many people appreciate that.

Their other unique feature is the size of the pizzas. The large is a 16”, which most of their competitors would label as an Extra Large pizza. The best part: Philly's prices their large pizza at or near the same price as what others would charge for a 14” pizza.

Not only is the pizza good, but Philly's prides themselves with the friendliest service around. The people they hire to work inside the stores love what they are doing, and take pride and ownership in each and every action that they make.

Obviously, this doesn't go unnoticed by their clients. Just in the beginning of this month, on February 1st 2012, Philly's Pizza opened their second location in Krakow. Now they can deliver your pizza to Washington much faster! 🙂

In addition to the hometown values, Philly's Pizza has partnered up with several community projects.They were a significant partner with the Marthasville Chamber of Commerce and the City of Marthasville, to help raise funding for a state of the art park, that hundreds of families are able to enjoy now.

Philly’s has also made donations to the Washington High School Blue Jay Journal, Ducks Unlimited, March of Dimes (they even hosted a dine to donate for a local family), Relay for life, Dine to donates for Franklin County Rugby Club, Back Stoppers, and many more. No wonder the community loves them!

The best part about featuring Philly's on the blog? They made a pizza especially for me, for photography purposes, of course. We got to take it with us (Philly's has friendly service, as mentioned above), and since we were headed to Todd Geisert's farm, we shared! Good food tastes even better in good company! 🙂

Philly's Pizza has a grand opening special in store for you!! It will be offered in both locations beginning Wednesday, February 29, and ending March 18. This is something they have never done before with an offer. The special will be 2 Large 16”pizzas with 1 topping for $14.99 - you don't want to miss that!!!

Philly’s Pizza has two locations: Marthasville is located in downtown Marthasville, the store Manager is Alicia Hoffmann,  636-433-5577, open Tuesday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday/Saturday 11am-10pm, Sunday from noon until 9pm.  This location features flat screen televisions, sit down with seating for over 100 people. It also boasts a wonderful outdoor patio.  The Krakow location, store Manager is Denis Phillips, 636-239-7755 is open 7 days, Sunday – Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday and Saturday form 11am-midnight.    Their website is www.phillyspizza.com.  Follow them on Facebook for many fan only deals.  The company email is philly@phillyspizza.com .

Philly’s takes family into their consideration, and they are closed on Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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  1. Great job Slava! I love the blog!

    Posted by denis | February 27, 2012, 6:13 pm

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