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The Pot Shop Revisited

Do you remember my blog post about the Pot Shop? You can refresh your memory by clicking here. Ever since I visited the store for the first time, it has become one of my favorite spots in Washington. The last time I stopped by, I thoughtfully brought the camera along.

Custom order. Do you recognize the town?

Custom order. Do you recognize the town?

It's the Post Office in Union. Coming next from the Pot Shop - an all Washington bowl! 🙂

New Eternal Urns.One of a kind, stunningly elegant and decoratively discreet accents as home memorials.

Isn't this lamp just beautiful?

More unique items from the Pot Shop. Every week there is something new - make sure you check back often!

I was at the Pot Shop on a windy day. This fresh out of the kiln pot, cooling outside, suffered a slight modification from the natural forces, which makes it all the more unique 😉

The Pot Shop & Gift Gallery is located on 301 E. 5th Street in Washington, Missouri. You can reach them at 636.584.3169 or visit them at www.potshopgifts.com. Not a Facebook fan yet? Click here and give the Pot Shop some love!

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