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A Step Back In Time: Willow Creek Antiques

Just half a mile off of Highway 47, Willow Creek Antiques exists in a time and space of its own. I visited the store with a friend, and for two hours we were absorbed into a different reality of times gone by. I ended up taking a lot of photos, so the story of Willow Creek Antiques follows.

Willow Creek Antiques is nestled in a picturesque valley on a farm homesteaded in 1840.

The shop has been in business for 31 years. The owner, Joyce, has been living on the homestead since 1966, and she loves it.

Joyce grew up in Wyoming. Her husband worked for a phone company, and that's how he got stationed in the Washington area. When they were looking for a home, they told the realtor that they want the biggest house and the fewest neighbors. Willow Creek it was.

The reason the shop came to be, is because of Joyce's passion for antiques. She said, that once their house got full, she could not stop buying.

Upon entering the store, you will be amazed by the variety you can find. From big furniture pieces to old postcards and toys, Willow Creek Antiques has it all!

Chairs, Crocks and Clocks.

Bottles, Boxes and Depression Glass.

Lamps, Linens and Jewelry.

Tables, Tins, Tools, Toys and Trunks.

You get the idea - there is quite the variety πŸ™‚

The store is housed in an old barn. Joyce said that fixing it was a dirty mess, but it now makes for the perfect setting for antiques. The barn used to be full of hey and straw, so Joyce and her husband had to take every board up, clean it up from all sides, and then put it back.

Joyce also does upholstery. These are the before pictures of a beautiful old couch she recently finished. You can't see the beauty of it? Take a look at the next photo.

Here it is, in its full glory, after Joyce did her magic. One of her most unusual finds were 2 silver dimes. Joyce discovered them while reupholstering a chair. One of them was from her birth year, and the other one - her husband's birth year. Eerie? Or a sign?

This is a separate building, which was meant to be Joyce's workshop. Now she is down to this little corner to do repairs and upholstery, the rest of the space is full of more furniture and antiques.

Four years ago Joyce went on an European Antique Buying Tour, and came back home with many beautiful pieces you can't find in the USA.

These chairs came all the way from France. While in Europe, Joyce stayed at a B&B built in 1492. Yes, you read this right. This made her think on the different meaning the word "antique" has in the old and the new world.

In Europe, if something is 100 years old, it is considered to be old furniture. In the USA, on the other hand, it is an antique. However, no matter how you look at it, it is beautiful furniture that will last for decades.

Many times Joyce buys an entire household of furniture, without knowing what surprises it holds. A perfect example is this old flour cabinet. You pour the bag of flour on top, and then you can neatly use as much as you need from the bottom.

This music box was another unexpected find. On the outside, it looks like a regular wooden box, but when you open it, it is a world of wonder on its own. Joyce has not seen another one of its kind, and the music that comes out of the perforated metal disk is just beautiful.

Looking for something unique? This seat from a ferris wheel dates all the way back to 1900! Apparently safety wasn't of such great importance back then. When they told you "Hold On!". they meant it! πŸ˜‰

I have always wondered if there is a certain kind of people who are fascinated by antiques. Joyce said, that there is not. Some search for particular things, others like to look around and find something that speaks to them, but they all share the love of times gone by.

My friend Jenny loved this chair. She remembered visiting Willow Creek Antiques with her mom when she was a little child.

Isn't this sign wonderful? Joyce has a lot of friends who are always willing to lend a helping hand when she needs to pack items from an estate sale.

The genuine post-and-beam, 160-year-old log barn supplies over 6000 sq.ft. of show space and an amazing variety of antiques.

Willow Creek Antiques is a unique opportunity for you to explore the treasure of times gone by and to get lost in the romance of the past. Living in the present is wonderful, but it's always good to have something to remind you of what used to be...


Willow Creek Antiques is located on Clearview Road, off of Highway 47. The store is open from Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. You can call Joyce at 636-583-5247 or e-mail her at willowcreekantique@att.net.

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  1. LOVE Willow Creek Antiques—I can even get my husband to go with me here! LOL! Joyce has treasures tucked everywhere and its so much fun to visit…great place and your pictures really show how unique WCA is!

    Posted by Wendy Becker | March 5, 2012, 8:02 am
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    This place is soo cool.

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