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Iron Horse Trains: The Grand Opening

Iron Horse Trains celebrated their Grand Opening the same day that the Union Pacific 844 Steam Locomotive came to Washington, Missouri. They had a free raffle with prizes and live music on the sidewalk! I stopped by to enjoy some model trains, after taking pictures of the Steam Engine. Truth be told, they are both fascinating in their own way. The fact that Don let me get close to the tracks with the camera probably helped! Take a look at the photos and make sure you visit Iron Horse Trains this week! They have gone a long way, and the model train layout is expanding all the time!

If you walked by the store, you couldn’t miss the event!

The progress over the last couple of weeks has been amazing!

It’s a little town!

This little boy told his dad “That’s what I am going to have in my basement when I grow up!”

It takes a lot of devotion to build the model train layout, but all the people that came to the grand opening of Iron Horse Trains definitely appreciated all the work that goes into it.

Once I got closer to the tracks, I began to understand the fascination with model trains…

The train is slowly approaching…

And… there it is!

I think the tunnels are my favorite part…

The layout is still a work in progress, but building and expanding it is part of the excitement.

The “culprits” – Brian and Don – were really happy to see all the people who come into the store to marvel the model trains.

Stop by Iron Horse Trains anytime, and ask them to run a train for you.

Good music is always appreciated and it compliments any downtown event.

Update: Unfortunately, Iron Horse Trains closed doors and it’s no longer in downtown Washington.

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  1. So very cool!!

    Posted by Wendy Becker | March 31, 2012, 2:32 pm

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