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A Day In The Life Of...

A Day In The Life Of… Ralph Gildehaus

Before I met Ralph, I’ve heard that he is a wonderful real estate agent and a very good person. One morning I was taking pictures of what turned out to be the daisies in his garden, when he pulled up with his car. I was expecting a suspicious look, but instead he smiles at me, said “Hi!” and told me that they have more flowers in the back yard, if I wanted to photograph them. I thought that this was so nice of him! I hope you will enjoy a day of Ralph’s life as much as I did!

I had the pleasure of drinking coffee with Ralph early in the morning (not at 4:30 AM, though) at his favorite garden spot.

The Morning : I am a morning person that is usually up by 4:30 AM, it is in my blood, being born on a farm that is just the time to get up and get going. First is a cup of coffee and a short inspirational story or quote to set the mind set for the day. What we focus on determines our outcome, that’s why I always like to think “What great thing is going to happen today?”

The Coffee : I like my coffee like I like my friends, straight up, no need to sugar coat or add anything. Plain is good!

The Drink: I like several good local Merlot and I guess I would have to say my favorite is the one in my hand that I am enjoying.

The Food: I like Bar-B-Que and I like making it on the smoker my wife, Kathy got for mother’s day last year. Then I would have to go with pasta, home-made a different way each time is the best, no measurements, a little of this and a little of that.

Ralph, his wife and their adorable grandchildren. Family means everything to him. Photo: Ralph Gildehaus.

The Shops: Grandpa has to agree with the grand kids, “Every Day Is a Good Day for Ice Cream at the Fudge Shop”! Mannwell’s and Cowan’s follow close behind the Fudge Shop. I am not a shopper and I stay with the local owned business for what I need. It doesn’t cost buying from the local guy, it pays, it keeps our local economy strong. Where do most people go for contributions to a charity, local business or business with corporate office elsewhere? Local businesses can only survive if they are supported.

The Accessories: I where eye glasses from Obermark Optometry and a watch. As they say less is more. I always wear a smile.

The Place: The Riverfront Trail or Lions Lake. I love to walk and sometimes run early in the morning. Even though it is early most people out there at 5 to 6 AM are friendly and have a better attitude than some people one meets during the day. One can never be greeted with to many smiles or a friendly hello.

Your Personal Space: A little water pond next to a patio with a small river view, in the shadows of a 125 year old elm is my personal space. If that old elm survived 125 years of natures elements, if that river can continue to flow no matter what happens, then my troubles to will pass and my world has a new prospective.

Ralph's serenity pond - the sound of the water is so relaxing.

All problems seem to disappear in the shadows of the beautiful old elm tree in Ralph's back yard. As he put it, "Don't resist life, let it happen." Nature can teach us so many things.

The Friends: Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.  ~Author Unknown      There are no strangers; there are friends I haven’t meet yet. May 9th 2006 I had a fender bender that opened my eyes to see how truly blessed I am to have so many people care about me, I am truly humbled.

At work: I get to help people find a place to call home, a place to run their business and I don’t take for granted the trust people have in me to be honestly tell them like it is. Real Estate has been more than challenging for the last several years. My values are a win/win. It has to be good for my client; it isn’t about my bottom line first. This value, this belief, has built my character when I needed a commission and stuck to the win/win.

I have had the opportunity to say a few inspirational words at the PBJ (Professionals Between Jobs) monthly meetings. It is in giving these presentations that help inspire myself and stick to who I am. I enjoy public speaking and my favorite topic is “Over Coming Crashes”.

I recently started to deliver flowers a few hours a day for Hillermann Nursery and Florist, I call it delivering smiles. Everything is the way you look at it, and who is not happy when they receive flowers?

At home: I love to garden and to do wood working. I have the right place because I always have a project going and sometimes more than a couple. Just finished an old style kitchen, where I built the cabinets so they look like they belong in the 1883 double townhouse. As I said earlier, I really enjoy the back yard, my space. This year my grandson is helping with a garden.

Garden work can be a lot of fun. Photo: Ralph Gildehaus.

Downtown: The Downtown is a community, a neighborhood, a sense of belonging. From the Sunset on the River, the Downtown events, the riverfront trails, the local shops, a great place to run into friends or make new ones, it is just a great place to live and if you can’t live Downtown, it is a great place to visit often because it seems there is always something going on.

To get in touch with Ralph you can call him at 636.239.5747 or e-mail him at Ralph@RalphGildehaus.com. Ralph is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Missouri and a wonderful person.

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