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Painting The Town Pink: Katie and Scott’s Picture Perfect Downtown Date

Back in February, I came up with the Picture Perfect Downtown Date Giveaway on Facebook. I wasn’t sure if the sponsors of the game would jump on board, but as soon as I mentioned the idea to some of the local businesses, they willingly agreed to award the winners with some free stuff. Lots of couples posted their photos on the wall, but it was Katie and Scott Dieckhaus who got the most likes and got to go on a Picture Perfect Downtown Date. Choosing a date for the Date proved to be a challenge, since Scott is a busy man. I found out later in the game that he is the State Representative, which means that he spends most of his week in Jefferson City. Luckily, last Friday worked for all of us, and Katie and Scott got to enjoy a night out in their favorite town!

Before I share the pictures with you, I would like to thank the sponsors of the game – Alisha from Trashy Roots Salon, Mary from The Body Natural Salon & Spa, Michel from Four Seasons Florist, Ben from Old Dutch Tavern, and Stephanie from Cinema 1 Plus … (their businesses have been featured on the front page of the blog). All of them were wonderful to work with, and they shared my enthusiasm for the Picture Perfect Downtown Date! Katie and Scott let me follow them for a while, so you can all be part of the downtown fun.

I met the beautiful Katie at Trashy Roots Salon. Katie and Scott will have been married for 10 years in May, and they have two children: Caleb who is 6, and Celia who is 3. Katie is a stay at home mom, but she wants to go to school to study fashion design.

Katie has been fascinated with the pin-up style for a while, and she asked for a vintage hair style. Jessica, the Re-Discover Washington's stylist as I named her, was busy curling Katie's thick long hair.

Putting the finishing touches. I think Jessica did a wonderful job and Katie's hair looked gorgeous!

After Katie's hair was done, we headed to The Body Naturals Salon and Spa, where Mary was waiting for us. She picked out a beautiful color palette for Katie's bright blue eyes.

Ladies, did you know that when you apply your eye liner you should lift up your eyelid instead of stretching it to the side? This simple trick prevents the wrinkles from forming. Katie enjoyed the Aveda make-up session a lot.

After the make-up, it was time for our mini photo shoot. Scott had already picked up the beautiful flower bouquet from Four Seasons Florist, which happened to match Katie's gorgeous pink heels.

Aren't they an adorable couple? In the beginning of their relationship, Katie and Scott used to live downtown and loved to go walking at night.

My pink umbrella matched perfectly Katie's heels. Do you want to know the story of her shoes? Scott saw a picture of them on Facebook, thought that his wife is going to love them, asked where he could buy them and got them as a gift for his lovely wife 🙂

Although the weather was a little chilly, the downtown photo shoot with Katie and Scott was so much fun!

Next on the agenda was romantic dinner for two at Old Dutch Hotel and Tavern.

I knew my time was up, and I left Katie and Scott to enjoy the rest of their Picture Perfect Downtown Date. After dinner they were going to the late show at Cinema 1 Plus... I am sure they had fun!

Are you ready to go on a downtown date? There is so much to do in historic Washington! Follow Re-Discover Washington on Facebook for more exciting giveaways!


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I am a twenty-something Bulgarian girl in the USA, re-discovering the world through the lens.


6 Responses to “Painting The Town Pink: Katie and Scott’s Picture Perfect Downtown Date”

  1. CUTE pictures! Love Katie’s hair! (and shoes!) 🙂 What a fun post…

    Posted by Wendy Becker | April 23, 2012, 2:04 pm
  2. Another awesome and fun story!? Thank you

    Posted by Sandi McDonald | April 23, 2012, 7:42 pm
  3. A huge “Thank You” to Slava, Jessica at Trashy Roots Salon, Mary at The Body Natural, Four Seasons Florist, Old Dutch Hotel and Tavern, and Cinema 1 Plus. Scott and I had such a lovely time and truly appreciate this opportunity.

    Posted by Katie Dieckhaus | April 24, 2012, 8:58 am


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