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Behind The Scenes: 31st Annual Art Fair & Wine Fest

The Art Fair & Wine Fest has been around for a while. You probably enjoy the wine tasting and the beautiful art displays, but there is a lot of work that goes into the event that gets unnoticed…

It all begins with a Committee meeting in October the year prior to the event. There are many more meetings to follow before the actual week of festivities. The entertainment tent usually goes up the Thursday prior to the event.

Jim Peters, one of the artists, lends a helping hand. He’s been doing the booth outlines for years and he said that there is a wonderful selection of artists this year. We are almost neighbors, our booths will be in front of the bank 😉

Some more helpers, handling the electric. Did you know that the Art Fair & Winefest used to be held at the Riverfront?

Preparing the Farmer’s Market area for the event. There are more than 40 people who volunteer to help for the Art Fair & Winefest, and their jobs vary – from setting up and moving chairs and benches around to serving wine and beer and cleaning up.

Meet Kenny – the Chairman for this year. He makes sure that everything is running according to plan and everybody is doing what they are supposed to.

Work in progress. The Art Fair was started by the Mid-Missouri Fine Arts Society, and used to be a much smaller event held at the Riverfront. Throughout the years the participating wineries and artists increased in numbers, and the festival moved up a couple of blocks, bringing business to the downtown shops as well.

I personally think they should keep these benches all year round. They give Elm Street a more European look.

These people travel all year round to sell nuts at festivals. They have been doing the Art & Wine Fest for five years and they love it!

Don’t mind these “trailer” guys. Working at the Art Fair & Wine Fest is fun, that’s why they keep doing year after year.

This refrigerator is a relic. It’s been built in 1954 and it still works. Finding parts for it proved to be a difficult task, but the committee members are determined to keep it in good shape. After all, it’s been there since the dawn of the Art Fair.

Bridgette has been working at the Art and Wine Fest for 12 years. Literally, working.

Amy, another key coordinator, has been working at the festival for 7 years. She said that once it gets going, it makes it all worthwhile.

Some onlookers. The event is expected to draw huge crowds this weekend.

Take a look at Don’s T-shirt. He’s been doing the Art Fair for 22 years. That’s a long time. I asked him if he had any good “behind-the-scenes” stories to tell. He said they can’t be published. Working at the Art & Wine Fest must be a lot of fun… 😉

The work before the event hardly ever stops. Everybody meets up for breakfast tomorrow at 7 a.m. at Cowan’s. Then, back to setting up. Quick shower at 4, and the festival begins at 5. It’s an art & wine event, so we can have some purple skies 😉

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  1. Nice to see this peek “behind the scenes.” Thanks to all the volunteers for making Washington a great place to live!
    Beverly Ann Wells

    Posted by beverlyannartist | May 20, 2012, 11:36 am

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