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Mmm… Food and Wine Pairing

The Art and Wine Festival has a new event this year, you don’t want to miss: MO Food and Wine Pairing! I was lucky to attend the first one, hosted by the American Bounty Restaurant and Montelle Winery.

A special tent was put up for the event, with a wonderful river view.

Everybody was ready for the food and wine pairing. The event was sold out, and some couples have come all the way from Illinois.

The wine. Pay attention to the labels, please 😉

Brian Manhardt, the owner of the American Bounty Restaurant, seasoning the salad with some blackberry vinaigrette and organic olive oil.

The first course: Lamb chops roasted on cedar plank with spinach salad & sauces of raspberry, mango & mint with Montelle Red Raspberry. It was delicious, both the food and the wine.

The second course: Peppered sea scallops pan seared with kaffir lime essence & citrus cilantro cous cous paired with Montelle Dry Vignoles. I was the last one to be served and got two scallops – yum! 😉

It was that good 😉

The third course: Beef tenderloin on vanilla bean skewers with cipollini & orange blossom honey BBQ paired with Montelle Chambourcin. The vanilla bean flavor was a wonderful finishing touch.

Everybody at the table quite liked this wine.

This adorable couple is visiting for the weekend. Nothing better than some gourmet food and wine in the middle of the day.

The last course didn’t disappoint: Green apple cobbler with Himmelswien anglaise. The best cobbler I have ever had.

The Montelle Himmelswien was definitely my favorite.

Throughout the whole food and wine pairing event, we enjoyed the sounds of the ECC Jazzband. They performed wonderfully, setting a great mood for the day.

Everybody had an enjoyable time and we are hoping there will be more events like this. Thank you, Downtown Washington Inc. for putting everything together!

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