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Meet the Artist: Mark Calhoun

Mark Calhoun is new in town. He recently moved back home from Seattle and he makes exquisite jewelry. You can find some of his pieces at the Art Center Gallery and Custom Framing on Main Street in Washington. This is where we met and had a little chat over some cheese and wine 🙂

One of Mark’s gorgeous pendants at the Art Center.

What sparkled your interest in art?

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in art. When I was in school, I loved drawing the covers of my book reports. In highschool the wrestling coach was the art teacher as well, so it was all up to us to motivate ourselves. I loved to throw clay, do things with paper and scissors, and work with my hands. I even did some macrame. I guess art has always been in my blood.

Mark loves to work with silver and precious stones.

What is your favorite media and place to create art?

My favorite media is silver – I love creating jewelry with it. The best place to create art is my studio: I have all of my tools and materials handy, including precious stones and good lighting.

Nature is a never-ending inspiration.

What inspires you?

Nature always inspires me. It provides the artist with the best color combinations. I love to try new things, to work on a project and build on it. You can’t make yourself create art, but when the inspiration strikes  art creates itself.

Exquisite earrings.

What are you currently working on?

I am gathering supplies for a whole new line of jewelry. It’s something I have never tried before, and I love the challenge. It’s always nice to explore a new direction.

For the love of art.

What does your art mean to you?

Art is a form of self-expression. No two pieces of jewelry I create are the same. My mood is always reflected in what I create. I lose myself in art, it balances me out, it’s my creative outlet. Art helps me get away from the daily problems and explore a whole new world.

Now that you have virtually met Mark, head to the Art Center Gallery and Custom framing to admire some of his gorgeous jewelry.



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