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Rotary Riverfront Trail Day 2012

When I was invited by Sharon Monzyk to be part of the Rotary Riverfront Trail Day, I had a vague idea of what to expect. However, from what she told me, I knew it was going to be a wonderful day.

The Riverfront Trail Day is a day of fun for senior citizens and disabled individuals: activities include tram rides, wheelchair escorts, refreshments and bingo. The event was started by Barb Hellmann, who loves walking the trail and she had the dream of finding a way for anyone who was unable to walk the Rotary Riverfront Trail to be able to enjoy its beauty. Back in 2004, Barb and Sharon approached the president of the Washington Rotary Club and asked him if that was an event he would be willing to sponsor. The answer was “yes” and around hundred people attended the Tram Rides. The bingo, which was Barb’s idea, was introduced a couple of years later and it was a huge success. The Riverfront Trail Day enjoys an immense community support from the Washington Rotary Club, The Parks Department, The Police Department, the EMT, many local businesses and volunteers, including students from St. Francis Borgia Regional High School and Washington High School. It’s a special day for all seniors and people with disabilities, it gives them a reason to dress up, go out and have fun. The weather this year couldn’t have been better, and more than 1200 people came to enjoy the Rotary Riverfront Day. See for yourself the happiness a day like that brings! 😉

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