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Independence Day Back in the Day

The year is 1873.  The date is July 4th. The place is Washington. Take a look at this poster that Marc Houseman discovered from the archives of the Historical Society and be prepared to laugh. I guess Washington has always been a little universe of its own.

The poster is 139 years old, but still in pretty good shape.

Do you know what “jimcracks” are? According to the Free Online Dictionary, “jimcrack” corresponds to “gimcrack”, which is “a cheap and showy object of little or no use.”


Everything was planned out and “ordered” in a humorist fashion.

When you read this, don’t you wish you could be there to know what they had in mind? Every sentence seems to be loaded with some kind of meaning…

“Wine, Woman and Song” is not a bad motto when you come to think of it…

“Dead beats in charge of an undertaker” Hmmm…. This is the time to mention that considering the age of the poster, it is not very politically correct… However, it’s interesting to see the festivities Washingtonians were part of 139 years ago. Times change, but people always like to celebrate and have fun! Happy July 4th!!

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