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Independence Day Today: July 4th Neighborhood Parade

The year is 2012. The place is Washington. The event is the annual 4th of July Neighborhood Parade.

The parade takes place on Main Street, from Locust to Market. It’s a neighborhood event, but guests are always welcome to join in.

This is the 7th year the parade has been going on, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Walt and Wanda Larson, who live at the end of the street, lead the procession as they reach Market Street.

The children are having a lot of fun, singing and marching.

It’s a beautiful day for a parade downtown.

The march wouldn’t be complete without the music.

I think it’s wonderful that neighborhood communities get together and organize events like this!

Even the pets are participating, dressed in the appropriate attire.

Red, white and blue, stars and stripes. 

Young and old celebrate 🙂

Don’t you just love Nancy’s patriotic scooter!

The parade was short, but we enjoyed it while it lasted! Time for a break in the shade.

One last musical performance.

The “culprits” for the annual neighborhood parade live here. It started as a Woods family affair, but every year more and more people join in the festivities.

This adorable puppy did great at the parade.

Baby’s first popsicle. Happy July 4th!


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  1. Love nancy!!! 🙂

    Posted by Michelle | July 4, 2012, 11:04 am


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