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One little piggy, two little piggies, three little piggies…

You never know what life will put on your plate… You might be having a very ordinary day, and then stumble upon something extraordinary.

When we went to Todd Geisert Farms to get some cucumbers and tomatoes, I didn’t even imagine I will see what I saw. We said “Hi” to Todd, he offered to take us around the farm, we jumped in his jeep and I conveniently had the camera with me. Little did we know that we will see baby pigs being born…

I just love Geisert’s farm. It’s so close to Washington, yet it feels like a world on its own. Blue skies and pigs frolicking in the fields!

This little piggy is only a couple of hours old. Isn’t he cute? 🙂

The next mama we visited had a surprise for us. She delivered a piggy while we were standing there!

Some of the newborns had already figured what they need to do. Todd said that a mother pig can give birth to 8 – 12 piglets in one litter, sometimes even more.

While we were there, we saw three baby pigs being born! Todd made sure they get their first drink of milk.

Baby pigs make a funny grunting noise the minute they are born – taking their first breath of air! Then they open their eyes and start looking for food!

Mama pig looked happy and content, effortlessly delivering baby after baby.

The little ones were quite playful already! Did you know that pigs have a keen sense of smell and are being used by policemen to sniff out drugs? They are much smarter than we think.

This other piggy mommy was tending to her children in a different house nearby.

This photo reminds me of the Three Little Piglets and the Big Bad Wolf. I loved that fairy tale when I was little!

This is where the baby pigs are being made…

Pig mud spa at Todd Geisert Farms. Pigs can not sweat because they have no sweat glands. They roll around in the mud to cool their skins. It’s a hard life… 😉

It’s just another day at the farm, and things haven’t changed much throughout the years. Todd keeps raising happy pigs, supplying Washington and St. Louis with naturally raised pork. His stand, based on the honor system, is open from dawn till dusk, and you can find fresh veggies and watermelons galore. Baby piglets are being born each day, ensuring the continuum of life. And I was lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time.

Todd Geisert Farms is located on 4851 Old Hwy 100 Washington, Missouri 63090. You can call Todd at 314.791.6942 or e-mail him at toadspigs@yahoo.com. Visit the Farms’ website here for a full list of the products that they offer and the locations you can buy Todd’s pork from. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page to stay updated on all the current events at the farm and the new edible innovations.

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