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Flour Power: Eat Your Dessert First

As some of you might have figured out already, I am a dessert kind of girl. I like to eat my desert first, and sometimes even instead of a meal. I don’t spoil it with calorie counts and guilty feelings about my figure – I simply savor it and enjoy it. However, until yesterday you wouldn’t be able to tempt me with cupcakes. Now it’s 9:45 p.m. and I just devoured a Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake…  Thanks to Sara Hannel from Flour Power I have a new addiction, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Can you resist this? I didn’t think so. Don’t judge me, OK? 😉

Meet Sara! She showed up at my house with a dozen of yummy cupcakes, a charming smile and a wonderful story of doing what she loves, and loving what she does. {Her adorable apron is custom-made, by the way. Don’t you love the heart-shaped pockets?}

{Chocolate Mint Deliciousness.} Sara started her cupcake business in April 2012. She used to work at a call center, but this wasn’t her dream job. Her husband encouraged her to pursue her love for baking, and after doing some research Sara signed up to be a vendor at the Washington Farmers’ Market.

{Root Beer Float. Yes, it tastes just like it.} When she started, Sara had about 50 ideas for different cupcakes she could make. On her first day at the market she offered a variety of Soda Fountain Cupcakes. She is all about unique flavors, exotic ingredients and fresh products. By offering samples at her table at the Farmers’ Market, she managed to attract many new customers that keep coming back for more.

Now Sara’s menu has expanded to 111 kinds of cupcakes! She loved to experiment with new ideas and different flavors, both savory and sweet. Every new cupcake is tried and tested many times in her kitchen before it reaches the customers. Some of her unique creations are: Cotton Candy, Salted Caramel Pretzel, Bacon Dark Chocolate, Piña Colada (virgin or 21+), Corn Dog, Mocha Cupcakucino, Candied Bacon, Sopapilla and so many more!

The secret of Sara’s success? Branding, Marketing and an Excellent Product! Having delicious cupcakes is no good, if nobody else knows how yummy they are. Step 1, create a catchy business name: Flour Power. Step 2, market it, as much as you can! What is the best free online marketing tool? If you thought Facebook, you got it right! Sara created her Facebook page one week before she started selling at the Farmers’ Market, and she made sure to recommend it to family and friends. In less that four months, she already has 312 fans!

All of Flour Power’s cakes, fillings, and frostings are made from scratch with premium ingredients. Sara only bakes to order with the exception of the weekly specials at the Washington Farmers Market on Saturdays. She takes debit cards and she usually sells out before 11am. Make sure you go early!

On Flour Power’s Facebook page you can find what the cupcake flavors for the Farmers’ Market will be. Sara also has different contests and promotions, as well as announcements for new ingredients and special offers. She quickly realized that photo posts get many more views than simple paragraphs, so her Facebook page is loaded with mouth-watering images. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you 😉

Baking is Sara’s passion and it shows. Her gourmet cupcakes make for a great party gift or a sweet indulgence after a hard day at work. She tires to use as many local ingredients as possible, in surprisingly delicious combinations.

Can you tell which was my favorite flavor? If you can’t wait until the Farmers’ Market this Saturday, you can call Sara and order YOUR dozen of sinfully delicious cupcakes. I promise not to judge you. 😉

Visit Flour Power on Facebook for current events and promotions and a list of cupcake flavors! You can reach Sara at 314.630.8865 and make your order!

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