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A Day in The Life Of… Denis Phillips

Denis Phillips not only has a successful pizza business (Philly’s Pizza now in two locations: Marthasville and Krakow), but he also is a devoted family man. How does he do it all? Let’s sneak a peek into a day in his life… 🙂

The mornings at the Phillips’ home are sometimes hectic, I have a 2-year-old, and a 5 month old.  The days when my wonderful wife takes the little ones to daycare, I sleep in ….sometimes until 9am!  On the days that I take them, it is as hectic as a Friday night dinner rush.   The baby, generally he is really sweet and easy, the 2-year-old, WOW, from the “I brush my hair, where is momma, I do it, to the best …I stay here!” Those mornings I am really thankful to have the freedom to slow down and be patient.   After the kiddos are dropped off, it is all business from that point on until the restaurants are closed for the evening.

Meet Dennis and the newest addition to his family – their baby boy! (Photo: Denis Phillips)

The coffee:  Ahhhhhh Coffeeeeee   THANK YOU LORD FOR PROVIDING COFFEE!  The normal summertime coffee is an Iced vanilla coffee courtesy of my Keurig brewer!  Winter time, I try to change it up a little bit with some unique flavors.

The Drink:  I assume we are talking about the 21+ drink. That my friends is a VODKA Cranberry, twist of lime!  That is one I really enjoy.  If that answer was supposed to be a family friendly …then Orange Gatoraide!

The foods I eat:  I go through phases throughout the year,  I assume just like most people.   When I do go out to eat, it is to a locally owned restaurant.  I enjoy eating of all things really great Pizza,  (yes I did capitalize Pizza, I do think it is a proper noun) and pasta. Really, I get along with most foods, and will try nearly anything!

Philly’s Pizza is a staple. 🙂 (Photo: Denis Phillips)

The shops: There is one place I really love to window shop and that is the Gary Lucy Gallery. To this day, I wonder how he is able to transfer images that were set in place 150 years ago. Just love his work!

The accessories that I wear…well, no scarf and pearls here. For the most part I am really comfortable in shorts, sandals, and a T-shirt.

When I am not at home, or working, nor spending time with the family, you will likely find me on a golf course.  This is a game I really enjoy!

My personal space has not been available to me for 14 years, about the time I became a father.  If I have one spot that I feel I can collect my thoughts, I guess it is behind the wheel of my car, listening to Frank and the boys get down!

Denis and his girls. Worth sacrificing his personal space. (Photo: Denis Phillips)

The friends I have are fantastic! Not a person in the bunch that I wouldn’t stand up for!  Great people = great times!

The time I have at work is a blast! Don’t get me wrong, I do get frustrated, I do get disappointed, I do wonder what the heck people are thinking sometimes! All that comes with living life anyway, the best part of my work day is realizing that wow, I finally accomplished a goal I set for myself years ago.

And to be blunt,  just because you own your own business, it doesn’t make you your own boss, you still have your faithful customer base that will dictate whether or not you get a raise, how your performance  evaluation will go, and what specific tasks you need to improve.

The home life is the single biggest challenge I face,  I am always trying to improve the quality of home life, and I regularly feel as though I am not meeting my own expectations.  I am lucky to have a loving wife, four amazing children, and the best mother, and in-laws anyone could ever hope for.  As a family, we all know who is in charge…my wife.  There is absolutely zero chance I would have been able to accomplish anything without her support.  My wife understands that my job occupies a ton of quality hours  (I say quality only because when I get home, the children are sleeping, and she (wife) is almost asleep), and the result of this awareness means we do not spoil our precious time we actually get when it is quality time.

Behind every great man stands a great woman. (Photo: Denis Phillips)

Downtown life: I grew up downtown, most memories I have as a kid were spent playing on the black top at Borgia Grade School, walking to the end of the block to see what kind of train is passing through town, the sounds of Borgia Church Bells.  I lived in the downtown that was in dire need of improvements.  The downtown we have now has improved by a number that I can’t even quantify.  My family and I love going downtown….oh and yes I miss Droege’s Market!  …sorry side note, I still get my hair cut at Tom’s, eat breakfast at Cowan’s when I can, pop into Schroeder’s for a pack of gum.   When I walk downtown, and realize the makeover that the area has, I enjoy it.  The obvious landmark is the bank, but in the shadows of that bank you can find some really obscure items that you may not have realized were available.  Sara and I found hand painted “Mizzou” wine glasses at a store and they were a hit.  Truth be told, I would love to open a little Artesian Pizza shop downtown and fill the streets with my wonderful smells of pizza!

Denis Phillips

President: Philly’s Pizza LLC

Board of Director W.I.N.G.S. Foundation

Chamber of Commerce Marthasville, Washington


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  1. Wonderful article!!!

    Posted by Michelle | July 27, 2012, 3:10 pm
  2. This made me smile! Thanks Slava! You are amazing!

    Posted by denis | November 6, 2012, 3:12 pm
  3. One of the greatest friends I’ve been blessed to know.

    Posted by Chris | June 14, 2014, 5:48 pm

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