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This Is My Day: Foggy Morning and Some Simple Photography Tips

I love foggy mornings. When I woke up today and opened the blinds, I couldn’t put on my shoes fast enough. Hence, I left without the camera. But I had my phone with me. Since I am teaching a photography class at ECC in September, I thought I would share with you some unedited i-phone photos from this morning to show you how the camera not always matters.

Quite the London feeling… Good subjects in the right setting make for good photos.

Having lines in your picture always helps to draw the eye in. Add the mystery of the fog, and there you have it.

Never underestimate the power of perspective.

Defamiliarize the familiar. The river is enveloped in the fog. It’s strange when you can’t see the other side.

Lines, perspective, the unknown, and the anxiety of a train possibly running me over. Photography can be a dangerous job…

One of the rare times when you can stare at the sun.

Reflections, the bridge, and natural framing. This photo got 90 likes and 1390 views on Facebook in 7 hours… That’s the reason I decided to write this post.

The sun finally came out… rays of sunlight on the trail.

Light is essential for photography. In different light, things take different shapes.

Rules are made to be broken. It’s OK to shoot against the light, if you want to achieve some interesting results (e.g. silhouettes).

However, shooting from the point of the source of light gives you a whole different picture.

Simple, clean shot using the advantage of morning light.

Finds along the way make the photo journey interesting.

Accidental snapshots can be odd, but fun. You don’t always have to put your subject in the center. Pay attention to shadows and use them to your advantage in your photos.

The remains of the fog. Light and dark meet, creating a mysterious ambience.

The blue skies are back. It’s not the camera that produces great photos. It’s being at the right time at the right place. The train tracks looked completely different an hour ago. The light will guide you…



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