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I Am Back: Downtown Gift Guide

As most of you know, I took a short break over the summer to visit my friends and family back in Bulgaria and make a couple of other European stops. Three weeks seem like a long time, but they are never enough to do all the things I want to do and see the people I want to see. However, I ran into a problem this time. I caught myself thinking about Washington… a lot. I guess over the past year we’ve been getting under each other’s skin. While re-discovering the town through the blog, I’ve grown to love it even more, and now I even miss it when I am away…

Having two homes means having to say “Goodbye” all the time. It means many long trans-Atlantic flights. It means tears at “Departures” (I can’t escape the fact that I am a girl). It means spending time with people and wondering if you’ll ever see them again. It means packing and unpacking: clothes, toiletries, emotions. It means revisiting memories and realizing that these times are gone and things will never be the same again.

However, having two homes also means saying “Hello” all the time. It means floating in the clouds to see the ones you love. It means smiles and giggles at “Arrivals”. It means spending time with good friends and having relationships that endure the tests of distance and time. It means learning to travel light through life with less baggage. It means rekindling memories and realizing that these moments are precious and should not be taken for granted.

On a different note, having two homes can also mean having two birthday parties! Three days fresh into the country, fighting jet lag on a rainy day I found myself at the Bier Deck surrounded by lots of familiar friendly faces shouting “Surprise!” To all of you who came to my surprise birthday party and thought of me, THANK YOU! You make Washington feel like home. I had an amazing time, and I got so many wonderful gifts from the downtown merchants! I am not going to brag, I will just share some photos with you and give you some unique gift ideas your friends are going to love!

You can never go wrong with Chocolate Amaretto Pecans from I.B. Nuts and Fruit Too. A great gift for any occasion or just because. And so delicious!

Make a statement with flowers! This amazing arrangement from Four Season’s Florist will brighten up everybody’s day!

Beauty and elegance from Gary R. Lucy Gallery. The perfect way to greet fall in style.

Doing it the natural way: gift a basket of fresh pork products from Todd Geisert Farms, and throw in one of their signature T-shirts!

A gorgeous bracelet from Joy and Felicity on Etsy. Hand-made in Washington with vintage lace and fabrics. I adore it!

A Jennifer Higerd original from the Art Center Gallery and Custom Framing. A nature-inspired piece of art you can interpret in many ways.

A beautiful green plant from Hillermann Nursery and Florist. Have you had flowers delivered to your house? Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you open the door and you are greeted with a big bouquet? Hillermann’s delivers smiles 🙂

Every lady should wear flowers in her hair. I love this fall-inspired piece from the Honeycomb shop on Etsy.

Gorgeous bracelet and earrings from Hillermann Nursery and Florist. Apart from beautiful plants and flowers, they have a great collection of accessories, too!

Don’t you love this umbrella from Gary R. Lucy Gallery? It’s perfect for the rainy days we need so much of!

When in doubt, a gift certificate from Toni’s is always handy! Every time I go into her store I discover something new and pretty!

A social butterfly? I guess I have turned into one 🙂 Thanks to Sandi from Hillermann Nursery and Florist, I will always have pen and paper handy 🙂

I feel grateful for all the new friends I have made. Thank you, Washington, for welcoming me as one of your own. I guess I am here to stay… at least for now. Making the best of both worlds and rediscovering the town together with you!

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