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Dental Adventures: Visiting Dr. Tobben

A couple of weeks ago I lost a filling (not a pleasant feeling), and I asked all of you on Facebook to recommend a dentist I could go to. I’ve been in Washington for three years, and this was going to be my first dentist visit in the USA. It was reassuring to know that there are so many good professionals in Washington, and Dr. Mark Tobben happened to be my first pick.

Going to the dentist is not something I look forward to doing. But this time I was on a mission: I was not only getting a new filling, I was doing important research for my blog followers. Did this make me braver? Not really, it just shifted my focus which made the dentist visit not so bad after all. Even, pretty much wonderful.

Waiting at the dentist’s can be quite unnerving. When I was filling in the paperwork, one thing caught my eye: they wanted to know what my musical preferences were. How sweet, I thought, and I liked them right away!

The inevitable was about to happen. I had a gaping hole in my tooth and it needed fixed. For some reason this display reminded me of the Inquisition…

Lisa, which turned out to be Dr. Tobben’s wife, quickly dissipated all my worries with her smile. Everybody was so cheerful and nice, and I peacefully let them do some x-rays.

While I was waiting for Dr. Tobben to come in, I snapped some pictures for the blog. He greeted me by name, took a look at my tooth, explained what was wrong with it, and gave me a couple of options of what we can do to fix it. I always find it reassuring when doctors tell me what they are going to do, and make sure I am OK with it.

My new filling took less than 10 minutes to complete (it might have been even 5, it all happened so quick). It didn’t hurt at all, Dr. Tobben and Lisa were as efficient and careful as they could be. Needless to say, I was happy and relieved.

Dr. Tobben has been practicing for 32 years. He started with a year of law school, hated it, and decided to go into dentistry. He met Lisa while working. They have been working together for 23 years and they love it 98% of the time. Their secret at work and at home: “A little laughter goes a long way. Anyone that comes to us as patients know that we are not a serious office and we have a lot of fun!”

Washington has always been home for this wonderful couple. The funniest moment that they have had in the dental office? Last year when Dr. Tobben decided to dress up like the tooth fairy – I wish we had a picture of that! Their advice to you: “We would recommend that you brush your tongue and use Listerine at night before bed.”

So next time you feel the need to go to the dentist, give Dr. Tobben a call. His cheerful and experienced staff will help you get over the horrible sound the dental drill makes, and focus on the fact that your teeth will look pretty and there won’t be any pain.

Dr. Tobben’s office is located on 1515 West 5th Street  Washington, MO 63090. You can reach them at 636.239.6611.

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