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Fern & Sycamore: The True American Store

What a better way to help out the economy, than buying American-made products? It’s easy to say, but hard to do. The focus in production has shifted from quality to quantity, which is reflected in the lower price and much lower consumer satisfaction. However, it’s never too late to turn things around. The government can give incentives encouraging small businesses, but it’s us, the buyers, that create jobs. Purchasing American-made products does not only bring quality into your life, it also allows the company that produces them to grow and hire more employees. You can make a difference in the local economy, and this is exactly what Cole and Gina Scego do.

The talented couple opened “Fern & Sycamore” on August 4, 2012. The store has been open only for a short amount of time, but it already enjoys lots of popularity downtown. They call themselves Purveyors of Unique American Made Goods, and when you visit “Fern & Sycamore” you will be amazed by the impressive collection of quality items. What I loved the most is how everything goes together and falls into place – from the creative displays to the exquisite pieces of jewelry and the Ha Ha Tonka Music. Without further ado, I present you “Fern & Sycamore”!

Fern & Sycamore is located on 319 Elm Street (corner of 4th & Elm). They have amazing working hours: Monday – Saturday 10-7 and Sunday 12-5.

Here you will find only American made goods. From large companies like Filson Bags and Case Knives to smaller companies like Stone & Honey Jewelry & Uncorked. The store has 150+ hunting & pocket knives. 17+ jewelry lines, scents, blankets, kitchen and home goods, tools, dog leashes & toys, leather wallets, furniture and much more.

The items are beautiful and unique, and make for a great gift. Actually, this is how Cole and Gina got in touch with most of the companies they represent in the store.

Throughout the years the couple has been buying quality American-made gifts for themselves or as gifts for family and friends. When the idea of the store came to be, it wasn’t hard for them to find unique American-made merchandise.

Many products have a lifetime guarantee, just like these beautiful and functional salt and pepper shakers.

What I love is how every item has a story, and you can learn more about where and how it was made.

Wouldn’t this cutting board be a great item to have in your picnic basket? Cheese, wine, Octoberfest…

You can literally spend a fascinating day at “Fern & Sycamore” reading about the companies, what buying American means & why it’s important.

This colander has been around for 200+ years, and probably your grandma used one just like that. And her grandma before that. And maybe you are using it now. And your children will be using it, too.

Get some tools that won’t bend after two days in the sun. This was another reason that motivated Cole and Gina to open the store. There is so much waste due to bad manufacturing. If things are made the way they should be, tools last a lifetime and beyond.

Wooden spoons for every taste. Fern & Sycamore has a large variety of items, which appeal to both, men and women.

A stylish wooden spoon can only be matched with a stylish piece of jewelry. Why not feel classy in the kitchen?

Or, you can be playful and fun! Don’t you love the sycamore jewelry displays? They came from the Scegos neighbor – so much better than black velvet!

The stone displays are from Cole and Gina’s property. It’s all local.

These Field Notes are full of facts for Missouri. An old tradition with a new twist.

Did I mention that Cole makes some pretty amazing furniture?

Why did Cole and Gina chose to open a store in downtown Washington? “Downtown has such a warm feeling. Parking is easy – unlike chain stores, there is green space, mature growth and beautiful buildings with history behind them. The other shops and residents are incredibly friendly. There is cross promotion of others business. I couldn’t tell you how many people Jane from the Art Center has sent my way or how many people Dan Yoest, insurance agent, have personally walked to the shop. There is a true sense of community and wanting and helping each other grow & succeed.”

Meet Gina Scego. She believes that shopping is a past time among many mothers & daughters. “Shopping isn’t running into a big building, bright lights and buying what is on the rack. It’s spending the day together, going to places you may not always go, finding different and unique treasurers.” I couldn’t agree more with her.

Fern & Sycamore is always doing stuff. Always changing the look of the store. Always adding new products (like these adorable hummingbird houses). Visit them often. Support your local economy.

Upcoming events at Fern & Sycamore:

  • Saturday, October 27 – Hot Dog Man will be on the patio!  Candy hand out to youngsters from 12-2.
  • Thirsty Thursday, November 15  from 5-8 –  Blumenhof Winery will be here giving out free samples of their deliciousness.
  • Xmas – who knows.  Maybe reindeer petting.  Probably not.  Check their Facebook page for new products and going ons.

Fern & Sycamore is located on  319 Elm Street (corner of 4th & Elm). The store is open Monday – Saturday 10-7 and Sunday 12-5. You can reach Gina Scego at 636-667-1919.





















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