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Church of Christ Meets Here…

Many of you have walked by the Crider Center on Market Street, but how many of you know it used to be a church? Marc Houseman from the Washington Historical Society was kind enough to provide us with some details.


The Washington First Baptist Church constructed the building at Fourth and Market Streets (southeast corner) beginning with the lower level which was completed in 1938.  The congregation had organized in 1931 and met in several other “borrowed” places before constructing their own building.  In 1951, the second floor was completed and in 1962 the building underwent a major renovation.  Buying ground in 1973 for a new building site, a structure was completed in 1978 on Fourteenth Street and greatly expanded in 1984.  The old location was sold, and for a time the ‘Church of Christ’ met there.  In the early 1990s the building was purchased by the Harmony House / Crider Center.

And now…

I find history fascinating. To learn more of what used to be, go to the Washington Historical Museum on the corner of Market and 4th Street.

Story: Marc Housman, Washington Historical Society

Photos: Slava Bowman Photography


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