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Discover Outdoors in the Midst of Main Street Washington, Missouri

Nestled between Gary R. Lucy Gallery and the Fudge Shoppe, Discover Outdoors is a store that often gets overlooked in downtown Washington. They are celebrating their 3rd year anniversary this fall, and you will be amazed by the selection of products they offer. Just in time for Christmas shopping, this blog post will fill you in on what you’ve been missing on.

Discover Outdoors is an outdoor experience Gift and Décor store located on Main Street. They are dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts share their passion for nature and the wildlife with others.

Their slogan “Bringing outdoor experiences home” tells it all. They recognize that because of work and family commitments people just do not get enough time to spend outdoors on their favorite hobbies, like horseback riding, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or bird watching.

Discover Outdoors knows that the next best thing for the nature lovers is to surround themselves with things that remind them of their passions such as Lamps, Wall Clocks, Framed Prints, Sculptures, Rugs, and other décor items that have outdoor and wildlife themes.

I’ve always loved how people can express their individuality with their mailbox.

Winter is right around the corner, do you have a warm throw?

Let’s admit it, we spend quite a lot of time in that little room, might as well decorate it the way we like it 🙂

Discover Outdoors is not just for the avid outdoor enthusiast either. Everyone has someone on their Christmas list that loves the outdoors or has a particular outdoor interest like hunting or fishing.

What separates Discover Outdoors from all other gift and décor stores is their outdoor and wildlife niche.

While many stores carry items related to wildlife and the outdoors they usually only focus on the most popular themes. Discover Outdoors offers a very broad selection of various wildlife themes that you will not find anywhere else.

In addition, Discover Outdoors is an exclusive Dealer for the American Expedition brand of wildlife gifts and décor (www.AmericanExpedition.us).

Ted Swoboda, the owner of the store, loves their downtown location. His favorite thing is being able to look out the back window and see the Missouri River roll by. It’s a constant reminder of the ultimate outdoor exploration experience – the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Ted also loves the trains that pass through town. Being in downtown Washington is just a great American experience for retailers and consumers.

Discover Outdoors will have extended hours throughout the Christmas shopping season from Thanksgiving weekend to Christmas Eve. Visit them today and get your Christmas shopping done early!

Discover Outdoors is located on 219A West Main Street. You can reach them at 636-239-2259 or Info@DiscoverOutdoors.us. Their hours are as follows: 10:30 to 5:00 M-F, 9:30 to 4:30 Saturday (Expanded hours during the holiday season). Visit their website: www.DiscoverOutdoors.us – it’s amazing, shopping cart included!

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