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Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist: Ethan Heberer

I love to feature artists on the blog, there is so much talent around! If you have been at Cowan’s recently, you have probably noticed the awesome mural on the wall connecting the restaurant with the Mercantile. The name of the young man who was commissioned to make it is Ethan Heberer, and he agreed to do an interview for Re-Discover Washington. Read more about him and his work below!

Introduce yourself in a couple of sentences. Well, my name is Ethan Heberer I am a 21 year old maker and student at East Central College finishing up my associate’s degree in fine arts (AFA) this year.  I enjoy making things, I do my best to love everyone and practice equality.

Meet Ethan: a young artist in love with art and life! (photo: Ethan Heberer)

What sparkled your interest in art? Hard to say. Cartoons as a kid. Movies like “The Brave Little Toaster” and “The Simpsons”. I would always draw things like that. Actually, I used to make my own comics; I had a series about an alcoholic wrestler named James Beam. It made me feel good, and seeing people laugh made me happy. Some of my first memories were of drawing; I guess it was just a cerebral thing.

“a thriving circumstantial camaraderie”
linoleum block cut, collagraph, ink, and pen on paper.
23″x21″ (photo: Ethan Heberer)

What is your favorite media? Currently I have been working in mixed media format. Acrylics, oil pastels, ink, colored pencils, and different forms of printmaking like silk screen, linoleum, and steel etching on paper and wood panel. But it’s always changing. Right now I am working on a short experimental film, composing and recording the sound aspects with my older brother and filming/editing the visuals myself. I’m having a wonderful time doing that.

“directional-scopes to relationships II”
steel aquatint etching, two linoleum blocks, oil pastels, ink, and colored pencil on paper
15″x11″ (photo: Ethan Heberer)

What is the most challenging assignment you have completed? Probably the mural at Cowan’s. I had never done anything on such a large scale before and that was my first commissioned job. However, everything is always a challenge, that’s what makes it fun. Working to convey emotions or ideas visually, truthfully, can always be difficult. But, I think problem solving births creativity. No matter what, I always have a good time: if it’s not fun, there’s no point.

The mural in Cowan’s looks amazing! (photo: Ethan Heberer)

What inspires you to create? I just need people, nice people, mean people, ugly, pretty, friends, strangers, old, or young. They are all just as important and they keep me alive. I love people and the hope that we all can love and unite with each other.

Ethan is a talented young man whose sole mission is to create and bring happiness to people through his art. (photo: Ethan Heberer)

Where do you see yourself in the future? In the near future, I will be going to the Kansas City Art Institute to pursue my Bachelors degree in painting, which I am thrilled about. But as for long term, I’m not too sure. I dream to be a working studio artist and have the chance to bring happiness to people everywhere. I have my mind and heart set on that. It’s always hard for me to think further than right now, but wherever I end up, I will always be creating.

“topographical repair of perceived tension”
silk screen, ink, chalk pastels, acrylic, and graphite on wood panel
45″x25″ (photo: Ethan Heberer)

Detail of “topographical repair of perceived tension”  (photo: Ethan Heberer)


What is your dream job? I really just want the opportunity to spend my life in self-exploration and creativity. Making work that can help people in some way. If that means living in a trash bag, then I’ll live in one. I don’t care to be famous, just help someone learn or feel something. I think the rarest thing in the world today is connection, real connection, and that’s what I want to do. Connect with people in a very intimate, personal way, so we can help each other survive and become better people.

Detail of “a thriving circumstantial camaraderie” (photo: Ethan Heberer)

 What does your art mean to you? It means everything. I could never condense it into a sentence. It is all I know, it is my love, and it will forever be my means of survival.

Ethan, doing what he loves best. (photo: Ethan Heberer)

You can reach Ethan at ethan.heberer@yahoo.com or follow his blog: http://eheberer.blogspot.com/

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