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A Day In The Life of… John Vietmeier

I met John Vietmeier and his lovely wife Debbie for the first time in 2010, when both their and our house were on the Holiday House Tour. We liked them right away and we’ve been running across each other at various events downtown ever since. John, who is the Business Manager at St Francis Borgia Parish, agreed to do a Day in the Life of Interview for you.

John and Debbie in their beautiful home at the Holiday House Tour, 2010.

John and Debbie in their beautiful home at the Holiday House Tour, 2010.

The Morning: Each work day I am up and at the office by 7 AM.  I like opening up and getting the lights in the office on so when others come in it is a welcoming building.  On Saturdays I like to get a few extra minutes of sleep, but more times than not I have a project to start on, a volunteer job to get to, or just work around the house.

The Coffee: I grab a cup of coffee as I leave the house.  Regular house blend with cream.  I usually make the first pot when I get to the office also.  By 10:30 I quit the coffee and start on water.

The Drink: My favorite drink with a meal is ice tea.  Of course this excludes summer BBQ’s when a nice cold beer compliments the food.

The Food: I like burgers, pizza, chicken sandwich, fried chicken, fish and seafood.  At least once a week I have Chinese for lunch. I guess I eat everything. I don’t have to go far to get the kind of food I enjoy.  Debbie and I enjoy dining at all of the area eateries, especially those downtown.

The Shops: It’s always fun to bring out of town guests downtown to shop around.  I visit the shops downtown around the holidays mostly.  That seems to be the time I shop the most.  My wife Debbie does a lot more shopping than I do.

John, Bridgette and Aimee  at the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown, 2012.

John, Bridgette and Aimee at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown, 2012.

The City: Washington is the best place to be.  Debbie and I have moved around a lot, both in and around Washington.  We make our house our home and always look for a new challenge.  The best place we have ever lived is in Washington.  The town is full of activities, friendly people, and places to eat, drink and be merry.  You can’t beat the Main Street festivals and the T&C Fair anywhere.

The Place: I like all the places in town.  I guess my favorite would be the riverfront park.  Sitting on a bench and watching the boaters, enjoying the people and seeing the sun set.

The Book: I am not a book reader.  I do enjoy going through magazines.  My favorites lately are ‘The Rotarian’ and National Historic Preservation’ magazines.

The Movie: My favorites would be Moulin Rouge and Finding Nemo!

Your Personal Space: I have my very own man cave in the backyard.  A covered area with a BBQ pit and a Bar.  I can listen to the radio, enjoy cooking on the grill, and be outdoors.  I also have a nice workshop in the basement that keeps me busy.

John is on a couple Downtown Washington boards, and he enjoyes

John is on a couple Downtown Washington boards, and he enjoys getting involved in things and making even more friends.

The Friends: I enjoy my friends wherever I go.  Seems there is always a friendly face and acquaintance around.  I am so happy to have friends at work, at St. Francis Borgia Parish, in the Rotary Club, Downtown Washington Boards, City Staff, and my list goes on and on.  I love getting involved in things and making even more friends.

At work: Working at St Francis Borgia I describe it as working just outside heaven’s door.  Our staff is great to work with.  The whole atmosphere at work is warm and friendly.

At home: The best place to be!  Every evening I am able to enjoy my wife Debbie, daughter Crissi, and Crissi’s dog, Oreo.  We sit on the front porch when the weather is right and relax after work.  A lot of evenings I will BBQ supper.  Crissi brings Oreo over to our house so she can run in the yard.  She loves it.  Last year we had a few tomato and pepper plants, this year we plan to have a little bit bigger garden.  I love working in the yard.

John doesn't mind to get his hands dirty: Post Office Clean-Up, 2009.

John doesn’t mind to get his hands dirty: Post Office Clean-Up, 2009.

Downtown: I walk the streets anytime I can just to stay in touch with what’s happening.  Being involved in downtown makes me proud of where I live and I feel like I have a stake in what’s going on.

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  1. John is one of the nicest people ever!! Great write-up!

    Posted by Wendy Becker | March 20, 2013, 10:43 am

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