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Introducing Speakers’ Corner: Is Chivalry Dead: 10 Things You Can do to Help Romantic Men Survive in a Women-Dominated World

I always have lots of ideas, and the Re-Discover Washington blog is one of the ways to communicate some of them to you. I love when people from the community reach out and want to share something they have written on the blog. Sometimes, it calls for a whole new category.

Such is the case with the latest guest blog post I received. Have you heard of Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park in London? It’s an area in the park where open-air public speaking, debate and discussion are allowed. Everybody can openly express what is on their mind, as long as the police consider their speeches lawful. I figured we could have our own Speakers’ Corner on the blog, which would be a great place to share what you think and provoke some discussion. All topics are welcome, here is our first submission by an anonymous author. Feel free to leave your comments below.


Is Chivalry Dead: 10 Things You Can do to Help Romantic Men Survive in a Women-Dominated World

  • It’s becoming very obvious that woman can and will do everything for themselves these days.  Allow a man to make kind gestures such as opening a door or pulling out a chair.  Be sincerely thankful, smile and know that he’s not trying to “put you in your place”, he’s just being nice.
  • Let a man tell you how beautiful or attractive you are.  Simply say thank you instead of the usual self-deprecating, “I’m too fat” or “This is a stupid outfit”.  A man who hears that too often will learn to stop offering compliments.
  • When a man does something for you that you consider “manly” such as killing a spider or cleaning out a disgusting clogged drain, thank him.  It’s not necessary to dote on and on about how big and strong he is.  Just be genuine and appreciative instead of letting him feel that it is expected.
  • Every once in  awhile do something stereotypically considered to be “woman’s work” such as packing his lunch or folding his laundry some time.  This should be something you don’t normally do.  Don’t do this because you have to or should…do it because you want to do something nice for him.
Men love strong and independent women, but don't overdo it.

Men love strong and independent women, but not all the time. 

  • Shower him with love and affection some day when he gets home from work.  Most likely, you both work all day and you are just as tired as he is.  But every once in a while we all want to feel like we did a great job.  This is a particularly nice gesture if you know your man had a really bad day.  And who knows, maybe he will take the hint and return the favor sometime.
  • Some men feel forced to make all of the decisions when going out for the evening and then disappointed when nothing seems to be the right choice.  If you do like a man to make the decisions for the evening, be kind and helpful, not judgmental.
  • In some relationships, men are expected to come up with all the “moves” sexually.  If your relationship is like this, remember how hard it can be to keep things interesting.  Why not surprise your man by taking the lead occasionally.  This should be no problem for a truly “empowered” woman.
  • On the same topic of sex…always remember that nobody likes rejection.  When rejecting a man’s advance, always be kind and thoughtful.
  • It seems that these days most men spend a fair amount of time apologizing for things.  Sometimes without knowing why, but in most cases it is well deserved.  Most men do get very aggravated though at the lack of times a woman will say she is sorry.  As a side note, a man who gloats when you genuinely are sorry for something, doesn’t deserve your apology.
  • Above all else, communicate.  The old adage holds true that men can NOT read women’s minds.  So if there is anything particular that you mind chivalrous and truly enjoy, why not tell him.  You just may be surprised to find that you get your wish.
Asking for help might get you further than you think...

Asking for help might get you further than you think…

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  1. Awesome!

    Posted by michelle | April 29, 2013, 3:13 pm
  2. Well done, anonymous! I love it!

    Posted by gussie | July 12, 2013, 5:25 pm

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