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The Peace Community Garden: By The People, For The People

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about turning a small downtown plot into a community garden, and then a friend of his started a similar conversation on Facebook. I re-posted it on the Re-Discover Washington’s Facebook page: the interest and response was overwhelming. So many people would love to grow veggies, but don’t have the space to. Last week, I sent out an e-mail to some friends who can make things happen and are in the know, and it sounds like plans are already in motion for a community garden downtown! I will keep you posted, but until then, did you know that we do have a community garden in Washington? I remember reading an article in the paper about it a few years back, and I loved the idea and the community spirit. Mike Smith, one of the founders of the Peace Community Garden, kindly agreed to do a guest blog post for Re-Discover Washington and share more about it.

The Peace Community Garden is looking forward to our fifth year of gardening together. Our community garden is located on the property of Peace Lutheran Church, near the intersection of 14th. St and Hwy. 47. This garden space was a gift of Peace Lutheran Church to the residents of Washington.

We offer two garden sizes. The full size beds are 7’ X 15’, and for those looking for a smaller space to start with, our smaller beds are 7’ X 7.5’. If beginning gardeners would like help getting started, we have “garden mentors” to help with the basics. As I mentioned the garden space was offered as a gift to the community so there is no charge to garden there. We do however ask gardeners for a donation to help cover the cost of water if they are able to do so. This donation is strictly voluntary and left to the discretion of the individual gardener.

The original idea behind starting the garden was to provide space for people who want to garden, but do not have a space of their own. Since starting the garden, garden education has evolved into another valuable resource available to the community. As a result, we have gardeners of all skill levels from beginners to very experienced.

peace community garden

The Snider family, who participate in the garden, happy with their crops. (photo by Mike Smith)

The goal of the garden is to keep it as organic as possible. We encourage people to compost and use organic fertilizers and pest control as much as possible. Another goal is to simply get people growing what they eat, and eating what they grow, and helping them to learn how rewarding this can be.

As of now, we do have a few beds available for the spring of 2014. For anyone interested in a garden space or learning more about our garden, they can call Mike at 636 221 9076.


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