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What’s New At: The Pot Shop

Ever since I discovered the Pot Shop, I have been following and admiring Noreen’s work! She is a very talented artist, who makes functional and creative pieces that make for a perfect Christmas gift! Make sure you visit her at Hillermann’s Nursery and Florist and take a look at her beautiful pieces displayed on the windows at Joe’s Bakery downtown! I took some pictures for you, to give you an idea what to expect 😉

LF8A5312 LF8A5321 LF8A5323 LF8A5325 LF8A5328 LF8A5334 LF8A5338 LF8A5343 LF8A5348 LF8A5352 LF8A5358 LF8A5364 LF8A5374 LF8A5377 LF8A5383 LF8A5386 LF8A5414 LF8A5435 LF8A5446 LF8A5448 LF8A5458 LF8A5464 LF8A5475 LF8A5486 LF8A5510 LF8A5517 LF8A5518 LF8A5519


Call the Pot Shop at 636-584-3169 or e-mail them at info@potshopgifts.com. For more info, click here.

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