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Now Downtown: Elements of Health Therapeutic Massage

Every time I go for a massage I tell myself I should do it more often, and then a year passes and I still haven’t gone again. However, how we have no excuse since we have Elements of Health Therapeutic Massage downtown! I met up with the owner, Jackie Wehmeyer, on Thursday – interview and pictures … Continue reading »

Make and Take Craft Weekend: “It’s Not Just A Craft Weekend, It’s An Experience”

What happens when a mother and daughter love crafts, team up and have a house available? Make and Take Craft Weekend, brought to you in Washington, MO by Tia and Debbie. I have known them both for a while, and when they set up the Craft House I was very excited to go and visit. Shame … Continue reading »

Unique Ukulele: An Interview with Johnnie Heberer

I first met Johnnie Heberer when I interviewed him, his brother Ethan, and Rachael Coulter for the blog with their “Poetry and Music” artistic experiment. Johnnie plays the ukulele, an instrument I did not know much about, and he’s agreed to perform a couple of times at I.B. Nuts & Fruit Too where I show … Continue reading »

Murder, Mystery, and Good Food: This Thursday!

I love me a reason to dress up and have fun! If you love dressing up, good food, and solving mysteries, the Murder Mystery Dinner put on by Downtown Washington Inc. and The Riverside Players is for you!     Get your tickets by calling 636.239.1743. It will be murderly mysterious times! Join the Facebook … Continue reading »

Soguk Lounge Cafe: Our Downtown Coffee Shop!

If you miss Mannwell’s Coffee Alley like me, I have exciting news for you: we are getting a coffee shop downtown!!! A little more than a year ago, I blogged about the need for that, sharing how a coffee shop is not just a place to go and get coffee but also a place where people meet, … Continue reading »

Fall Festival Downtown: Get Your Christmas Shopping Done In Time

I had to miss Fall Festival last year because I was in Europe (terrible, I know!). However,  this year I planned my trips better, and I walked the streets for 4 hours with the camera. Such a hard life… 😉 For more about the festival and all Downtown Washington Inc. events, click here.     

Chili Cook Off 2014: Fairy Tales

Did you make it to the Chili Cook Off downtown tonight? There were so many booths this year and so much chili to taste! What I loved the most was this year’s theme, Fairy Tales, and all the people in costumes walking down the street. I think we should do this more often. Take a … Continue reading »

Flower Hill Farm: A Beautiful World Of Its Own

If you have been following the blog for some time, you probably know that my friend Jenny and I set on a mission to visit local farms this summer, to get a better insight of what they do and share it with you on the blog. If you have been following the blog, you probably … Continue reading »

Get Up For The Sunrise

It’s beautiful. It’s one of a kind. It marks the start of a new day. It will take your breath away. And you don’t have to get up that early. Sunrises this time of year happen around 6:45am, it is best to be photographed at least 15 minutes before that {30min is even better}. This one … Continue reading »

On School Counseling: An Interview with Dawn Hodschayan

Have you heard of Alex and Dawn Hodschayan? They are a young, creative, talented, motivated and kind-hearted couple who took Washington by a storm over a year ago.  In less than twelve months, Alex and Dawn sold two houses, bought a beautiful home together in Washington, MO, renovated it to perfection, and found respective jobs in the … Continue reading »