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A Day In The Life Of… Rick Hopp

I don’t remember where and when I first met Rick Hopp, but it seems that ever since I’ve known him I run across him all the time in downtown Washington. Rick is the President of the Board of the Historic Washington Foundation, Board Member Emeritus of Downtown Washington Inc, Member of the Washington Lions Club, … Continue reading »

A Day in the Life of… Alex Hodschayan

I have not actually met Alex in person. Who is he? The new Event Coordinator at Downtown Washington Inc.! He sent me a Facebook message on Re-Discover Washington three weeks ago, saying that him and his fiancé are moving to “the wonderful city of Washington.” He was looking for a creative job in town and I … Continue reading »

A Day in The Life of… Sandy Lucy

We see her pictures in the paper all the time, she attends all important events in town, she hosts tea parties for little school girls and takes important decisions at City Hall, while constantly supporting and promoting her husband and his art. Sandy Lucy is an amazing woman, and we are happy to have her … Continue reading »

A Day In The Life of… John Vietmeier

I met John Vietmeier and his lovely wife Debbie for the first time in 2010, when both their and our house were on the Holiday House Tour. We liked them right away and we’ve been running across each other at various events downtown ever since. John, who is the Business Manager at St Francis Borgia Parish, agreed to do … Continue reading »

A Day In The Life Of… Darren Lamb

I met Darren Lamb for the first time at one of the Tourism Meetings at the Washington Chamber of Commerce. He is the Community and Economic Development Director at the City of Washington, and he does his job well. We have run into each other at different downtown events, and his wife Amy and I … Continue reading »

A Day In The Life Of: Mark Wessels

Do you know Mark Wessels, the President of the Washington Chamber of Commerce? His picture is in the paper almost every week, and he always wears a hat and a smile. I first met Mark when I started volunteering at the Visitor Center. Every time we would run into each other at Mannwell’s Coffee Alley, … Continue reading »

A Day in The Life Of… Denis Phillips

Denis Phillips not only has a successful pizza business (Philly’s Pizza now in two locations: Marthasville and Krakow), but he also is a devoted family man. How does he do it all? Let’s sneak a peek into a day in his life… 🙂 The mornings at the Phillips’ home are sometimes hectic, I have a … Continue reading »

A Day In The Life Of… Shawn Gorden

Washington is a small town, and if you are a tall guy wearing a kilt downtown, you are bound to get some attention. I have seen Shawn a couple of times at different events, but is was not until the Art Fair and Winefest this year that we actually met. He and his wife Roxanne … Continue reading »

A Day In The Life Of… Marc Houseman

I think I officially met Marc Houseman at the Historical Museum. I introduced myself and asked him to help me write a historical entry for the blog,  he said yes right away. His knowledge of Washington and its history never ceases to amaze me, and we are lucky to have him as the Museum Director. … Continue reading »

A Day In The Life Of… Mary Beth Rettke

I first met Mary Beth Rettke when I started volunteering at the Visitors’ Center in Washington. Back then she was the Office Manager at the Chamber of Commerce. Now Mary Beth is our new Tourism Director and she also happens to be my boss, since I started working part-time welcoming visitors to Washington. I have always … Continue reading »