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Make and Take Craft Weekend: “It’s Not Just A Craft Weekend, It’s An Experience”

What happens when a mother and daughter love crafts, team up and have a house available? Make and Take Craft Weekend, brought to you in Washington, MO by Tia and Debbie. I have known them both for a while, and when they set up the Craft House I was very excited to go and visit. Shame … Continue reading »

Unique Ukulele: An Interview with Johnnie Heberer

I first met Johnnie Heberer when I interviewed him, his brother Ethan, and Rachael Coulter for the blog with their “Poetry and Music” artistic experiment. Johnnie plays the ukulele, an instrument I did not know much about, and he’s agreed to perform a couple of times at I.B. Nuts & Fruit Too where I show … Continue reading »

33rd Annual Art Fair & Winefest Washington, MO: Friday Fun

We are lucky to have so many amazing festivals downtown! Downtown Washington Inc. takes care of keeping us entertained and making the downtown area thrive with life. This weekend we enjoyed the 33rd Annual Art Fair & Winefest: lots of amazing art, delicious food, great wine and good friends. Here is a selection on the happenings … Continue reading »

Patron’s Pick 2014: Art, Artists and Patron’s for a Good Cause

Every year ARTCanDo, the non profit community art center on 5th street, hosts their fundraiser Patron’s Pick. Last year I donated a pice of artwork for it, and this year I did it again. The fundraiser was hosted at the new event venue downtown, Main Events, on 110 West Main Street: a wonderful space with wonderful memories. … Continue reading »

Just Another Friday: Sunrise, Breakfast & Art Downtown

When Terry from John G’s Bier Deck called me last Wednesday to invite me for breakfast at 6am on Friday with the Augusta Plein Air Artists, I didn’t hesitate and said yes. I need a push to get me out of bed early and take sunrise photos. The morning was beautiful, the company enjoyable and … Continue reading »

Washington Academy of Music: Making Dreams Happen in The Heart of Downtown

It has probably been three years since I have been wanting to interview Washington Academy of Music for the blog, and I finally made it happen. I have walked by the building on Elm Street hundreds of times, yet never walked in until last week. After a couple of e-mails, Nora Bellows (the owner) and … Continue reading »

Just Because: “Poetry and Music”

“If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week.” ― Charles Darwin, The Autobiography of Charles Darwin, 1809–82 So, you know I hang out on Facebook more than I should. Honestly, I use it mainly as a … Continue reading »

The Washington Tattoo Collective: Art on Living Canvas

I’ve been in touch with Kyle Scarborough for a while now through Facebook, as he sent me some nice messages to Re-Discover Washington mentioning his plans to open a tattoo shop downtown. I sadly missed the grand opening, but I’ve been keeping up with The Washington Tattoo Collective, Kyle’s successful new venture.  After seeing him … Continue reading »

Amateur Photographers, This Is Your Chance To Shine: MMFAS Photography Contest

As some of you might know, I belong to the Mid-Missouri Fine Arts Society, and this year I am in charge of our Annual Photography Contest! We looking for all amateur photographers in the area – ages 12 and up! All you need is to print two of your photos, frame them nicely (with wire … Continue reading »

A Call For 175th Anniversary Parade Float Designs

So somehow, someway I was invited to join the 175th Anniversary Parade Committee, and from our first meeting I can tell you it is going to be an amazing event! The best part? You can help design some of the main floats! Read for details below! Plans are underway for the 175th Birthday Parade to … Continue reading »