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Aloha From Hawaii: Let’s Plant Some Fruit Trees!

Warm aloha from Maui, Hawaii!! I have been spending the last 7 months on the islands, eating lots of tropical fruit, growing veggies, living closer to nature, and enjoying the beach and the rainbows. Hawaii is truly a tropical paradise, and one thing that makes it so is that so many people here are growing food! Not necessarily … Continue reading »

Growing a Garden In Town: Ralph Gildehaus on Jefferson Street

Growing up in Bulgaria, I had zero interest in gardening. When my grandparents planted onions, I played with the cats; when they picked tomatoes, I read a book perched on the peach tree; when my whole family was busy canning veggies for winter, I reluctantly helped while thinking of an excuse to do something else. … Continue reading »

Flower Hill Farm: A Beautiful World Of Its Own

If you have been following the blog for some time, you probably know that my friend Jenny and I set on a mission to visit local farms this summer, to get a better insight of what they do and share it with you on the blog. If you have been following the blog, you probably … Continue reading »

Eat Better, Live Better: On Self-Sustainability and Growing Your Own Food

Late this spring my friend Jenny and I embarked on a quest of visiting local farms and blogging about them and the cool things their owners do, and I am ashamed to admit that I am just now getting to blog about our lovely visit with Charissa Coyle and her daughter Aster (husband Joe was at … Continue reading »

Babb Blueberry Farm: Pick Your Own Fresh Berries

How about fresh picked blueberries? Yes, it’s possible at Babb Blueberry Farm! My friend Jenny and I went to visit them last week, and here is what we captured!   Follow Babb Blueberry Farm here.  The farm is located at 2751 Highway 50 in Beaufort, Missouri 63013 – half way between Beaufort and Union on Hwy 50, across … Continue reading »

Composting Class at Clearview Elementary: Because Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow

When I first came to Washington, MO, almost four years ago, I knew no one. Not a very outgoing person by nature, I decided I needed to open up, otherwise I’d be utterly alone. One day, as I was walking on the Riverfront Trail and I stopped to take a picture of a turtle, I … Continue reading »

Fresh Herbs, Produce, Meat and More: Todd Geisert Farms

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Todd Geisert Farms and what they do. Having grown up in Bulgaria, fresh fruit, veggies and meat were never a foreign concept to me until I came to the Midwest and found that they are a little hard to find here. If you have never tasted … Continue reading »

Happy Earth Day The Piglet Way

Last week I had my piglet fix at Todd Geisert Farm! We are so lucky to have Todd and his family who raise pigs the natural way and let them roam free! Enjoy the pictures below and remember that Todd’s farm stand is open from dusk till dawn for your meat and produce needs! He … Continue reading »