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AppleTree: Where Learning Is Natural

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates Due to a change in lifestyle, I do not keep up the Re-Discover Washington blog anymore, however, when something dear to my heart comes my way I make sure to share it with you. … Continue reading »

Growing a Garden In Town: Ralph Gildehaus on Jefferson Street

Growing up in Bulgaria, I had zero interest in gardening. When my grandparents planted onions, I played with the cats; when they picked tomatoes, I read a book perched on the peach tree; when my whole family was busy canning veggies for winter, I reluctantly helped while thinking of an excuse to do something else. … Continue reading »

Now Downtown: Elements of Health Therapeutic Massage

Every time I go for a massage I tell myself I should do it more often, and then a year passes and I still haven’t gone again. However, how we have no excuse since we have Elements of Health Therapeutic Massage downtown! I met up with the owner, Jackie Wehmeyer, on Thursday – interview and pictures … Continue reading »

Run, WashMO, Run!

I love it when friends and friends I haven’t met yet reach out to me to inform me of events going on in the community! I am happy to give them a shout-out and to spread the word. So when my friend Meghan sent me the following message, I was like “Sure, I’d love to … Continue reading »

Babb Blueberry Farm: Pick Your Own Fresh Berries

How about fresh picked blueberries? Yes, it’s possible at Babb Blueberry Farm! My friend Jenny and I went to visit them last week, and here is what we captured!   Follow Babb Blueberry Farm here.  The farm is located at 2751 Highway 50 in Beaufort, Missouri 63013 – half way between Beaufort and Union on Hwy 50, across … Continue reading »

Mindful Movement Yoga With Elaine Blackmur: Pure Joy

Almost three years ago my friend Jenny told me about a new yoga class at the Washington Healing Arts Center on 5th Street. I have always wanted to do yoga, and I thought it would be good for me to stretch after spending hours in front of the computer. A little hesitant at first whether … Continue reading »

My First Crystal & Gemstone Therapy Experience: A Relaxing Bliss

As some of you might know, I am a big fan of The Washington Healing Arts Center. I go there for yoga with Elaine Blackmur every Friday morning (8:30-9:45am), and I have tried the CanioSacral Therapy with Julie, Zenervention with Dale, and Hypnotherapy with Yael. Last Friday I had the pleasure of experiencing for the first … Continue reading »

Wake Up To Wellness Health Fair

The Washington Wellness Committee put together the “Wake Up To Wellness” Health Fair last Saturday. A wonderful event, meant to educate parents and children on the benefits of introducing healthier lifestyle changes and the opportunities for health and wellness avenues in the area. The health fair was attended by many, and as I mingled in … Continue reading »

“Wake Up To Wellness” Health Fair

Lately, there has been too much talk about healthy living and eating good food. Why? Because it’s our natural state that we have been drifting apart from it. Gone are the days of home cooking and eating only what is in season. Everything is readily available in the store, and making dinner takes 5 minutes … Continue reading »

Using Meditation to Strengthen Mindfulness

With the blizzard of the century approaching, enjoy a great post on meditation by guest blogger Jennifer Wells. Many people practice meditation for a variety of reasons, and there are several different methods and forms.  However, since we talked previously about the importance of mindful living, it might be helpful to discuss how we can … Continue reading »