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The Blackest Crow: A Nostalgic Tribute

The beauty of doing the Re-Discover Washington blog is that I never know what I will find in my inbox! I love when I get feedback and suggestions from people, and such was the case with this wonderful e-mail from Linda Jo Huber with “The Bluegill Buddies” “I posted an unusual video that might be … Continue reading »

The Kohmueller Farmstead: A Remnant of History

Many of you have seen the little brick house in the City Park, and have wondered whose it is and why is it there. A popular photo spot, the Kohmueller Farmstead is where some of the first German settlers in Washington lived. Bill Schwab, the President of the Washington Historical Society, wrote a short story … Continue reading »

Church of Christ Meets Here…

Many of you have walked by the Crider Center on Market Street, but how many of you know it used to be a church? Marc Houseman from the Washington Historical Society was kind enough to provide us with some details. The Washington First Baptist Church constructed the building at Fourth and Market Streets (southeast corner) … Continue reading »

Bethlehem Presbyterian Church

As a photographer, I find beauty in decay. Rust, chipping paint, falling apart buildings have fascinating colors, textures and shapes. I often wonder what they used to be and what they’ve been through. And then I go to Marc from the Historical Society and he always has the answer. Such is the case with Bethlehem Presbyterian … Continue reading »

Independence Day Back in the Day

The year is 1873.  The date is July 4th. The place is Washington. Take a look at this poster that Marc Houseman discovered from the archives of the Historical Society and be prepared to laugh. I guess Washington has always been a little universe of its own.  

“History Days” at the Museum

The Red Building On The Corner

Did you know…… That the building on the corner of Walnut and Fourth Streets that is now the property of the Washington Historical Society was once the St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church? The church was built in 1891 on the site of an old livery stable that had burned down.  The congregation, founded in … Continue reading »

Then & Now: The Waterworks Building Revisited

I remember when I first visited Waterworks Antiques, I fell in love with the building! The old brick walls, the beautiful windows, the sunlight – it all felt like magic. I was there for over an hour, exploring all nooks and crannies and snapping an occasional picture or two. That’s why when Nick Schultz, the … Continue reading »

Hooker Street: Not What You Think

Hooker Street, located between Locust and Burnside, has a peculiar name that makes people giggle. However, as everything else, it has a logical explanation. The answer comes from Marc Houseman from the Washington Historical Society. So, next time you pass by Hooker Street, no giggling, please! 🙂

History Connection: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

It is amazing what you can find in the Washington Historical Museum! While looking for old photos of Main Street, I stumbled upon these, and I thought you might enjoy them!