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Olya: On Being Alone in the USA, Chasing Your Dreams, and Sharing Moments on Instagram

Olya is a 16-year-old exchange student from Ukraine, who arrived in the USA in August 2012 and is currently residing with a wonderful host family in Washington, MO. How did I meet her? Her host mom, Brandy Foss, told me that I absolutely have to meet up with Olya because we have so much in … Continue reading »

Ed from Classical Services: A Master of of a Dying Craft

I have never met Ed from Classical Services in person. But after seeing photos of the amazing work he does, I would like to meet him. He sent me an e-mail saying he loved Re-Discover Washington’s Facebook page, I offered to interview him for the blog, and a couple of e-mails later this is what … Continue reading »

A Day in The Life Of… Denis Phillips

Denis Phillips not only has a successful pizza business (Philly’s Pizza now in two locations: Marthasville and Krakow), but he also is a devoted family man. How does he do it all? Let’s sneak a peek into a day in his life… 🙂 The mornings at the Phillips’ home are sometimes hectic, I have a … Continue reading »

A Day In The Life Of… Shawn Gorden

Washington is a small town, and if you are a tall guy wearing a kilt downtown, you are bound to get some attention. I have seen Shawn a couple of times at different events, but is was not until the Art Fair and Winefest this year that we actually met. He and his wife Roxanne … Continue reading »

A Day In The Life Of… Marc Houseman

I think I officially met Marc Houseman at the Historical Museum. I introduced myself and asked him to help me write a historical entry for the blog,  he said yes right away. His knowledge of Washington and its history never ceases to amaze me, and we are lucky to have him as the Museum Director. … Continue reading »

Meet The Artist: Dave Arnold

If you have visited The Art Center Gallery and Custom Framing, you have probably met Dave Arnold. Dave, and his lovely wife Jane, own the Art Center and have turned it into a beautiful and exquisite gallery right in the heart of downtown Washington, Missouri. Dave is a graphic artist, and he currently works for the … Continue reading »

Natural Alternatives: An Interview With Dr. Megan Fisher

I met Dr. Megan Fisher at the Washington Healing Arts Center, where she gave a lecture on “How to Make Your Body Inhospitable to Disease”. Many of us don’t feel very good most of the time, and get sick easily. Medication is a temporary solution, sometimes all we need to do are some subtle, but vital lifestyle … Continue reading »

Meet the Artist: Pat Sheppard

I met Pat Sheppard through the Mid-Missouri Fine Arts Society – she exhibits in every show, and almost always gets an award! Interviewing her for the blog was a pleasure, here is an insight into another local artist’s life! Has art always been a part of your life? I have been interested in art, it … Continue reading »

An Interview With Matthew Cowan: A Downtown Web Designer

I met Matt through MO Dough. Who is Matt and what is MO Dough? You are about to find out! Matt, what is it exactly that you do? I design and develop websites. A lot of agencies split web work into two categories: front-end design and development, which controls the look and feel of a … Continue reading »

Amy Williams’ Incredible Health Journey Away From Fast Food And Back To Life

I met Amy Williams at my yoga class. She is skinny, very fit, and happy. I liked her right away. When I learned she used to weigh 260 pounds, I had a hard time believing that. It was not until we started talking about her fast food addiction and the reasons why she decided it … Continue reading »