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Aloha From Hawaii: Let’s Plant Some Fruit Trees!

Warm aloha from Maui, Hawaii!! I have been spending the last 7 months on the islands, eating lots of tropical fruit, growing veggies, living closer to nature, and enjoying the beach and the rainbows. Hawaii is truly a tropical paradise, and one thing that makes it so is that so many people here are growing food! Not necessarily … Continue reading »

Flower Hill Farm: A Beautiful World Of Its Own

If you have been following the blog for some time, you probably know that my friend Jenny and I set on a mission to visit local farms this summer, to get a better insight of what they do and share it with you on the blog. If you have been following the blog, you probably … Continue reading »

Phoenix Park: A Hidden Jem

As most of you know, I love walking along the Riverfront Trail any time of the year and the day. However, we are lucky to have lots of parks around and Phoenix Park is lovely for a morning/afternoon walk, too! Located on 3001 Vernaci Drive in Washington, MO (or, as widely known, behind Target), Phoenix Park is … Continue reading »

Missouri River Bottomland Forest a.k.a. The Riverfront Trail

Did you know that the Riverfront Trail is actually part of the Missouri River Bottomland Forest? One of the reasons we moved to Washington was the Trail: I love walking there, listening to the birds, smelling the sweet, fresh air, and looking at the bunnies hopping around. The trail is special for me, but I was … Continue reading »

A Mystery In Its Own: The Neotropical Birds Migration

Story by Mike Smith, Washington resident and guest blogger. Every spring, about mid-April, birds from Central and South America make an amazing migration to the forests of Missouri and other states. Collectively, these birds are referred to as the Neotropical songbirds. Many of them are brilliantly colored in blues, yellows, greens and reds, as you … Continue reading »