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Interrupting my blogging silence to bring you a guest post by Jeff Ruether. Once upon a time he was my server at a local restaurant and we somehow got talking about the tipping etiquette. I encouraged him to write a blog post about it.  He finally did and surprised me with it in my inbox.  Tipping is such … Continue reading »

What We Need: A Downtown Coffee Shop

Coffee, Kaffee, Kopi, Café, Koffie, Kafes, Kave, Koohi, Кафе, Kape, Kafe – the word for the refreshing beverage seems to be international. However, the meaning we put into it varies a lot. I come from a “coffee shop culture”.  Bulgarians love their espresso – double, to wake you up in the morning; normal, to pick you up after lunch, … Continue reading »

The Case of the “Oversharer”: What Is Too MUCH

There has been so much talk about Facebook lately, and how people have been using it. Enjoy a delightful guest blog post by Kristen Phinney with some advice on what not to do on Social Media.  We all know the type. Anyone who publicly shares embarrassingly intimate–or gross and disgusting–details of their lives, right out … Continue reading »

Speakers’ Corner: Washington… An Outsider’s View

We all love Washington, but how do you think other people feel about our town? Jennifer Wells, a blogger and a re-Discover Washington fan, offers an outsider’s view.  My husband and I sat on a bench facing the river, coffee in hand, one cool August morning in Washington, and watched as boaters prepared to embark … Continue reading »

Introducing Speakers’ Corner: Is Chivalry Dead: 10 Things You Can do to Help Romantic Men Survive in a Women-Dominated World

I always have lots of ideas, and the Re-Discover Washington blog is one of the ways to communicate some of them to you. I love when people from the community reach out and want to share something they have written on the blog. Sometimes, it calls for a whole new category. Such is the case … Continue reading »