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Aloha From Hawaii: Let’s Plant Some Fruit Trees!

Warm aloha from Maui, Hawaii!! I have been spending the last 7 months on the islands, eating lots of tropical fruit, growing veggies, living closer to nature, and enjoying the beach and the rainbows. Hawaii is truly a tropical paradise, and one thing that makes it so is that so many people here are growing food! Not necessarily … Continue reading »

   The Dubious Art of Tipping

Interrupting my blogging silence to bring you a guest post by Jeff Ruether. Once upon a time he was my server at a local restaurant and we somehow got talking about the tipping etiquette. I encouraged him to write a blog post about it.  He finally did and surprised me with it in my inbox.  Tipping is such … Continue reading »

All Good Things Come To… New Beginnings

When I started Re-Discover Washington on a whim on November 3rd, 2011 I intended it to be a month-long project. Very hesitant as first, I coyly approached the downtown merchants, telling them what my blog was all about and explaining what a blog actually was. Surprisingly, they all welcomed the idea and did not mind to … Continue reading »

What Does 2015 Hold for Downtown?

With the year coming to an end, it’s always nice to look back and reflect. 2014 has been amazing for Downtown Washington! We got quite a few new businesses downtown (BAH! Yarns, Rodrigo Pineda Photography, My Vintage Varia, 5th Street Bistro, Elements of Health, just to name a few) and all the festivals and events keep … Continue reading »

3 Years and Counting: Happy 3rd Birthday To The Re-Discover Washington Blog!!!!

They always say that time flies… I have to agree! It is hard to believe that I have been living in Washington, MO for 4 years and I have been running the Re-Discover Washington Blog and Facebook page for 3 years! What started as a fun project in my spare time to explore the downtown … Continue reading »

Welcome to Washington Ellie!

I love going to the Downtown Post Office because the staff there is always so nice and the ladies from Downtown Washington Inc. always have somebody interesting for me to meet! Last week I met up with Ellie, the new intern for the summer who happens to be extremely adorable and right-away-likeable. 🙂 How did … Continue reading »

The 175th Anniversary Parade: Happy Birthday Washington MO!

When I got invited to be part of the 175th Anniversary Parade Committee last year, I was honored and excited, yet I had no clue how much work goes into organizing something like that! However,  Judy Tobben, the Parade Committee Chairperson, made it all look and sound like fun and our monthly meetings were indeed … Continue reading »

New Pups On The Block

Live, Work & Play Downtown: Matt Cowan

Last week, when the weather warmed up for a bit, I was walking downtown and I was inspired! New ideas for the blog came to mind, as it always happens when I spontaneously walk into places and talk to people. After a short stop at home and a quick message to my friend Matthew Cowan, … Continue reading »

Are You Ready to Jump In?

Over the last 10 months the Re-Discover Washington blog has become an essential part of my day. I enjoy meeting many new and wonderful people, I love the interaction with the numerous Facebook fans, and I keep re-discovering interesting places and faces around town. Many of you call and e-mail me with suggestions and topics … Continue reading »