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Aloha From Hawaii: Let’s Plant Some Fruit Trees!

Warm aloha from Maui, Hawaii!! I have been spending the last 7 months on the islands, eating lots of tropical fruit, growing veggies, living closer to nature, and enjoying the beach and the rainbows. Hawaii is truly a tropical paradise, and one thing that makes it so is that so many people here are growing food! Not necessarily … Continue reading »

Now Downtown: Elements of Health Therapeutic Massage

Every time I go for a massage I tell myself I should do it more often, and then a year passes and I still haven’t gone again. However, how we have no excuse since we have Elements of Health Therapeutic Massage downtown! I met up with the owner, Jackie Wehmeyer, on Thursday – interview and pictures … Continue reading »

Wake Up To Wellness Health Fair

The Washington Wellness Committee put together the “Wake Up To Wellness” Health Fair last Saturday. A wonderful event, meant to educate parents and children on the benefits of introducing healthier lifestyle changes and the opportunities for health and wellness avenues in the area. The health fair was attended by many, and as I mingled in … Continue reading »

Shake The Stress Away With Zenervention

It’s not every day that you get an offer for a zenervention treatment. So, when I did, I grabbed the opportunity right away. I met Dale Lintzenich on a Friday at the Washington Healing Arts Center and I liked her right away. Her Zenervention treatment sounded like a great opportunity to relax and think about nothing for a … Continue reading »

Present Moment Yoga: An Escape From A Stressful Day

Take a deep breath. Notice where your body is feeling this morning. Be present on your mat. Feel the tension moving away… This is how a yoga class at Present Moment Yoga begins. The only yoga studio in Washington is located on 127 Elm Street, right into the heart of downtown. I met up with … Continue reading »

CranioSacral Therapy: The Healing Power Of A Gentle Touch

When I first met Julie Dotson at a yoga class in the Washington Healing Arts Center, I had no idea what CranioSacral Therapy was. After I experienced it the other day, I was amazed by the healing power of a gentle touch. Before I share all the details with you, let me tell you something more … Continue reading »

From Fast Food To Veggies And Fruit: An Interview With Brandy Foss

With only one day left of 2011, it is time to look back and re-evaluate our achievements for the past year. Time always seems to slip away, and there are so many things we meant to do, but we didn’t manage to get to. However, do not be harsh on yourself. More often than not, … Continue reading »