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Aloha From Hawaii: Let’s Plant Some Fruit Trees!

Warm aloha from Maui, Hawaii!! I have been spending the last 7 months on the islands, eating lots of tropical fruit, growing veggies, living closer to nature, and enjoying the beach and the rainbows. Hawaii is truly a tropical paradise, and one thing that makes it so is that so many people here are growing food! Not necessarily … Continue reading »

My First Crystal & Gemstone Therapy Experience: A Relaxing Bliss

As some of you might know, I am a big fan of The Washington Healing Arts Center. I go there for yoga with Elaine Blackmur every Friday morning (8:30-9:45am), and I have tried the CanioSacral Therapy with Julie, Zenervention with Dale, and Hypnotherapy with Yael. Last Friday I had the pleasure of experiencing for the first … Continue reading »

Wake Up To Wellness Health Fair

The Washington Wellness Committee put together the “Wake Up To Wellness” Health Fair last Saturday. A wonderful event, meant to educate parents and children on the benefits of introducing healthier lifestyle changes and the opportunities for health and wellness avenues in the area. The health fair was attended by many, and as I mingled in … Continue reading »

Using Meditation to Strengthen Mindfulness

With the blizzard of the century approaching, enjoy a great post on meditation by guest blogger Jennifer Wells. Many people practice meditation for a variety of reasons, and there are several different methods and forms.  However, since we talked previously about the importance of mindful living, it might be helpful to discuss how we can … Continue reading »

Living “In The Moment”: The Practice of Mindfulness

Lately I’ve been trying to be more mindful and live “in the moment”, that’s why when I discovered Jennifer Wells’ new blog, I asked her right away if she would like to be a guest blogger for Re-Discover Washington. What does it mean to be mindful? The way I interpret it is to be fully … Continue reading »

Is Aromatherapy Right For You: An Interview with Tarena Jedrey from Aroma Blending Company

Tarena Jedrey was one of my students in the Photography Class I thought at East Central College Center for Workforce Development. She called me a couple of weeks after the class, and we met to give her some more advice on how to photograph her products. The more we talked about what she does, the … Continue reading »

Breathe Easy Washington: Second-Hand Smoke is More Dangerous Than We Think

I first learned about Breath Easy Washington at one of the Sunsets on the Riverfront. Joette Reidy came up to me and asked me to sign their petition. Smoking has been proven to be bad for your health, but it’s a personal choice. However, when others are subjected to secon-hand smoke it becomes a problem. What … Continue reading »

Technology vs Retro-Parenting: Finding the Balance

I love how in the past year Re-Discovered Washington has developed into a full-fledged community. I get e-mails and Facebook messages daily, from people who simply want to connect with me or have ideas for the blog. Such is the case with Lauren Reynolds, who contacted me to say how much she loves the Re-Discover Washington … Continue reading »

Keeping It Sane During the Holidays

I love having guest bloggers sharing interesting and informative content on Re-Discover Washington. This post comes to you from Yael DiPlacido, owner at Life Balance Counselling, LLC. Yael is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in the State of Missouri. She holds a  Bachelor of  Science  in Social Work, a Master of Social Work  and Certification in Clinical Social Work with … Continue reading »

Are Chicken McNuggets Bad For You and Why You Should Not Let Your Children Eat Them

One of the things I am thankful for (not just this month, but all the time) is that I have grown up on home cooked meals made with natural ingredients. I don’t have fast food cravings (chocolate is another matter), and I would rather starve than eat certain foods (yes, I am that bad). The … Continue reading »