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Wake Up To Wellness Health Fair

The Washington Wellness Committee put together the “Wake Up To Wellness” Health Fair last Saturday. A wonderful event, meant to educate parents and children on the benefits of introducing healthier lifestyle changes and the opportunities for health and wellness avenues in the area. The health fair was attended by many, and as I mingled in … Continue reading »

Are Chicken McNuggets Bad For You and Why You Should Not Let Your Children Eat Them

One of the things I am thankful for (not just this month, but all the time) is that I have grown up on home cooked meals made with natural ingredients. I don’t have fast food cravings (chocolate is another matter), and I would rather starve than eat certain foods (yes, I am that bad). The … Continue reading »

Natural Alternatives: An Interview With Dr. Megan Fisher

I met Dr. Megan Fisher at the Washington Healing Arts Center, where she gave a lecture on “How to Make Your Body Inhospitable to Disease”. Many of us don’t feel very good most of the time, and get sick easily. Medication is a temporary solution, sometimes all we need to do are some subtle, but vital lifestyle … Continue reading »

Why Fat-Free Foods Are Not As Good For You As You Might Think

We try so hard to make wise choices with our food. We select fat-free, light or diet versions of various foods in hopes of cutting calories and losing, or at least not gaining, weight. Is this a good solution? You may be surprised to hear this, but NO! Fat-free foods are actually more harmful for … Continue reading »

Health & Wellness: Water or Coke?

When I first came to Missouri, I was amazed to discover that people hardly ever had water. A huge cup of soda was cheaper than a bottle of purified (not mineral) water, and some people existed solely on that. I have a friend who NEVER drinks water. She just doesn’t like the fact that water … Continue reading »

Introducing Health & Wellness: Why Too Much Sugar Is Not Good For You

When I was little, growing up in Bulgaria, the only soda-like drink we had was lemonade: carbonated water with yellow dye and sugar. We did not drink it every day, only on special occasions. Please, don’t feel sorry for me. Looking back, I am quite happy I’ve been raised on water, fresh fruit and veggies. … Continue reading »

From Fast Food To Veggies And Fruit: An Interview With Brandy Foss

With only one day left of 2011, it is time to look back and re-evaluate our achievements for the past year. Time always seems to slip away, and there are so many things we meant to do, but we didn’t manage to get to. However, do not be harsh on yourself. More often than not, … Continue reading »