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Oink-Oink Overload: Pigs Are Smarter Than We Think

When we think about pigs, we think that they are dirty, smelly and not particularly smart. Have you ever considered that we might be totally wrong? The associations people have made with the word, ‘pig’, are less than glamorous. In fact, there are downright negative connotations attached to the word, which is why we use … Continue reading »

Todd Geisert Farms: Where Happy Pigs Roam Free

If you haven’t seen a happy pig, you need to visit the Geisert farm! Located on 4851 Old Hwy 100, just one mile east of Fifth Street, this family-owned farm  still operates like in the old days. Naturally raised pigs are free to roam the farmlands of Washington, today, as they did in 1916. Fifth-generation farmer … Continue reading »